Are there cheats in Tunic?

At first glance, TUNIC is a cute isometric game in the genre of the action in which the tiny fox is the main character. However, the smoke is slightly deeper, and the game dismisses much more than simple puzzles and riddles that you have to solve. But with a few simple clicks, You can enable cheats and travel can be done much easier.

how to enable cheats in tunic

How to Use dnSpy to Reverse Engineer Unity Games [ TUNIC ]

To open the list and view available cheats, simply click the Esc * button button on the keyboard. From here, go to Options and then Availability . Here you will find a number of flags that can be turned on or off. For Xbox users, simply click the menu ** button, and then run two previously mentioned steps to find the list of cheats.

  • The trouble-free mode – the use of the “without failures” mode will make your fox invincible, and this means that when the plot passes, you cannot get any damage.
  • There are no endurance restrictions – the use of endurance restrictions will give you unlimited stamina. This means that you don’t have to worry about the fact that in battle you will lower the scale due to dodging from rolling.

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