FIFA 22: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, so is the revelation of Barça

Aubameyang hteam been the star of the Spanish football clteamsic . The double of him in front of Real Madrid opened the way to Barça to open the final gap of four team many to zero. The arrival of him during the winter market insuffled life to the team. With seven targets in seven league matches it is key to the Xavi Hernández project in this final stretch of the seteamon. How do you render FIFA 22? We reviewed your statistics in the popular video game and in what way it fits into Ultimate Team.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, all statistics in FIFA 22


  • Acceleration: 85
  • Resistance: 75
  • Force: 74
  • Balance: 67
  • Speed: 88
  • Agility: 77
  • Jump: 75


  • Headquarters: 73

  • Power of shot: 82
  • Definition: 86
  • Lifting shots: 77
  • Effect: 80
  • Precision is missing: 76
  • Penaltis: 82
  • VOLES: 82


  • Aggressiveness: 43
  • Anticipation: 81
  • Attack position: 86
  • Interception: 48
  • Vision: 74
  • Compose: 83


  • Marking: 20
  • Tickets: 36
  • Robby: 29

Balloon Skills

  • Control of the ball: 80
  • Regates: 78


  • Placement: 9
  • Stretched: 6
  • Stops: 9
  • Saches: 15
  • Reflections: 9


  • Quality shot
  • Veloz regular (CPU)
  • Exterior shot
  • Full player
  • Vteameline (CPU)

Is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in Fut FIFA 22?

Aubameyang article in FIFA 22 highlights especially for the speed of it . In practice we talked about a player whose statistics pointed to the Premier League. In fact, he still walks through the market of transferable his article linked to Arsenal. For Laliga Santander we talk about one of the best front centers with whom you can do.

91 in speed and 87 in acceleration in Ultimate Team . You can filter yourself among the plants hanging long balls without problem. In addition, the attack position of it in 90 points out team one of the best in the position of it. The only bad thing is the balance of him, 67, which will make him weak by controlling balls that come wrong, or haggle at difficult times. Be that team it may, for the more than 10,000 coins that are teamked right now in the market, it is a pretty good acquisition. team he did during the celebration of him in the clteamsic, the dragon balls accompany him. Remember that Fantteamy Fut is the current promotion of FIFA 22, whose first team you can find here.

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