LOL: T1 makes history once more and ended 18

It seemed like a joke when we talk about this, but after several years trying it at last it has happened: T1 has just closed a regular season without losing a single series , something that had never happened in the history of the maximum League competition Of Korean Legends. With FAKER Leading a team full of young people, the Korean club has gained this morning at DRX to finter a series that was already already won thanks to the enormous motivation they all had for breaking records that They seemed impossible to get.

And it is that the first heading was a resounding walk of GUMAYUSI, oner and company ; Jayce with the bowling of him managed to be a real beast for DRX while Faker’s VEX managed to be sinked to Zeka’s Ahri, who was not entirely comfortable and could not do anything at the demon of the crack. But the botlane was also the fault of this victory with a Xayah as clean as beautiful in his game.

second was going to be a little more of the same, although it is true that those of DRX looked a little more aggressive but not enough to scare before those of T1. Virtually all the team pulled comfort picks to be able to play as relaxed as possible and above all enjoy a morally won series. The Veigago de Faker Picaba from very early thanks to the help they made with the PowerSpike of him, although he was not the only one who did an insane damage.

Zeus and his Irelia were true monsters for those of DRX, that their only way to win practically was to take advantage of the lower lane to be incisive down and try to create a hole. However, the hole received it by the central lane after several very intelligent plays by Faker and the companions of him, who despite his young age and passing through the competitive circuit, are demonstrating the high professional level in which they find each other.

A season full of records

While this 18-0 is the absolute record to highlight , numerous individual feats have also been achieved. Without going further, Faker has got several milestones After 10 years full of history, such as getting to play up to 71 champions in the central lane since the debut of him or to get more than 2500 murders in having of the. But it is not only the demon king who has achieved this kind of thing, the Botlane Korean has also made history in the league.

Keria and GUMAYUSI They have each beaten the record of more murders and assists respectively in a single regular season of the LCK, with the shooter with 219 murders and the Support with 462 assists. Thus, T1 closes a regular historical season and is already waiting at playoffs to a rival to height, such as Damwon Kia himself and thus take a revenge that they have been waiting since the World Cup last year with many changes since then.

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