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As I became mid-March, the cold days passed and warm spring is approaching. But when you are bored, the rain comes to the rain, the rain is in the rain. I think it’s a good idea to eat delicious things, eat delicious things, and healing. Of course, it’s good to play a game of interest.

If you wanted to buy a new game, I think I am optimal now. This is because you can meet the promotions that will discount various games in the PS Store to meet the latest puppets at a low price. I will briefly see what games are waiting for.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirit

Genre : Action Adventure
Release date : 2021.09.21
Discount price : ~ ~ 44,800 won ~~ -> 29,120 won
Discount period : ~ 2022.03.30 23:59 (Based on Korea Standards)
Whether to support Korean : O

Why do not you get healing with a game like a cute animation? Kena: Bridge of Spirit is an action adventure game that is an Indie Developer Ember Wrap, and a company that has originally developed an animation. Ember Laps featured a beautiful directing and video that seems to have a comprehensive impennels that seem to have a one-way Disney work.

It is not enough to play the game in the rain. Although the motion of the operability or character is a little awkward, but the game’s funny fun is a solid place and has been popular among numerous webzines and users. Unlike cute fairy tale, it will be a challenge that is a challenge that has a combat with a combat and a game of the game that boasts the difficult difficulty of Soul Like.

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Rainbow Six Extraction

Genre : FPS
Release date : 2022.01.20
Discount price : ~ ~ 44,000 won ~~ -> 28,600 won
Discount period : ~ 2022.03.30 23:59 (Based on Korea Standards)
Whether to support Korean : O

Strategy Cooperative FPS is a game that will kill the mutation of post Apocalypse background developed based on Rainbow Six Sizes. Conventional Rainbow Six Sizes were PVP, the user and the user, and the extraction is a PVE game with a completely different background. Although there is a completely different personality, the basic system of Rainbow Six Sizes is inherited and keeps the solid game performance and the sense of hitting.

Treat a dangerous mutant living body with two friends and complete the mission. Each feature is awaiting a large number of huge maps and 13 strong mutations. You can accommodate your taste in a variety of guns and tools to meet your taste.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits | ОБЗОР ИГРЫ (2021)


Genre : Action
Release date : 2021.08.13
Discount price : ~ ~ 27,000 won ~~ -> 20,850 won
Discount period : ~ 2022.03.30 23:59 (Based on Korea Standards)
Whether to support Korean : O

It is Hades, famous for Indie games awarded Goty (Game of the Year). Hades is a log like action game that is characterized by a unique fast combat and progress, which consumes the keys acquired by the dungeon to release the new weapon, use weapons that fit their own taste, or permanently capabilities. Of course, you can strengthen your ability through NPCs that meet during the progress.

If Log Like died once, the risk of dying once, the risk that you should be from the beginning, but Hades has released it smartly. The more rechargeable, the more I feel that I will continue to go to the game that I will continue to go back from the beginning. Besides, the battle is also fast, and it is also a part of the fatigue.

The main character Zagreus deals with the story of the Goddess of Hahdes and Night of Nightlife Nicks of Nicks, and to facilitate the hidden truth. Numerous gods watching this will help Hades secretly to Zagreus and help him escape himself to escape himself. Can Zagreus can escape the sacrifice under the gods of the gods?

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