Elden Ring Secret makes players reconsiderate everything

False walls in Elden_’s anillo are a basic element of the FromSoftware games, but it seems that at least some walls in the new role play are even more false than they seem. Players have discovered this week that there are some walls in a particular area of ​​Elden who receive a whopping 50 visits before they decompose so that players can see what they hide. Many players are convinced that it is some kind of mistake that should not occur at all, but many also wonder what other “secret” walls could have overlooked elsewhere throughout their trips through the middlelands.

Anillo de Elden Player and Redditor Teristam shared the clip below on Friday that showed them unemployed in a hallway within Volcano Manor, a place to which the players visit during what could be considered half of the game. The flame mansion is full of doors that require keys, one-way approaches or blows from your weapon to access, but it seems that there was a wall that even elved the smarter explorers.

Apparently there is a hidden wall in the volcano mansion that will only open after 50 blows. from

After hitting the wall 50 times, it disappears to reveal another way to enter the room where several NPC resides. When visiting the same place in Volcano Manor and hitting that wall, I can confirm that, in fact, it breaks after you hit the wall enough. Some blows did not connect fully each time, so I did not get it in 50, but certainly required many changes.

Andrew Goldfarb, who handles communications at Sucker Punch Productions I found another wall on the road that was also broken, so it seems that Volcano Manor can have more secrets from those who were initially expected.

Before knocking down the walls, the arches certainly make it look like these places could be secret doors, but you never need more than one blow, much less 50 blows in total, to tear down false walls in anillo de Elden. That, combined with the fact that the walls simply disappear abruptly instead of vanishing as other false walls, has led the players to decide that this interaction was not intentional.

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It is probably better to think in that way anyway because the alternative is that there are tons of other walls along Elden_ that require numerous blows to decompose. It is something that will be in the minds of the players during subsequent games when a suspicious wall is detected, but since it is most likely to be a mistake, it is likely that it is sure to follow the test of a single blow as usual.

If you want to see this wall for yourself to believe it, go to the Volcano Manor Site of Grace and then to the long corridor west. Take the first door to the right, hit the wall in the right rear corner to reveal the legitimate illusory wall and go to the open room with snail enemies. It goes through the iron gate in the left rear corner, turn the curve in the hall towards the area where several snails hang from the ceiling, and you will see the arc in question.

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