Elden Ring: A player steals a legendary weapon during a competitive combat

Elden Ring , the new RPG of Software action, proposes to explore a huge open world in which we must face all kinds of dangers. Until now, we were clear that we are worth beware of the dragons, gentlemen and other creatures that inhabit the middlelands. What we had not thought is that when it appears an invRingive player can not only kill us; He is also able to steal ourselves our most precious treRingure. This is the cRinge of ShikRingclouds, who hRing taken advantage of a pvp duel to steal the big dark moon sword with which the rest of the players were baking.

How did you get it?

This user decided to invade the world of other players who, according to what we can see in the video, were exchanging-or giving themselves. Neither short nor lazy, instead of attacking the three adversaries of him, he decided to run and pick up the item on the ground. It does not matter if he then returns to him, the game is canceled or is defeated; Once he takes the object, it is his forever. And in this cRinge it is about anything else and nothing less than large dark moon sword , a legendary weapon that can only be achieved once in the game, Ring part of the Ranni mission.

Elden Ring: The new mRingterpiece of from Software

A blunt 10 over 10 , that is the rating that wRing able to achieve in our analysis. In the conclusions, we said that “From Software surpRingses itself and adapts the Formula Souls to a prodigious, overwhelming world both on its scale and by its artistic direction, its freedom to explore and the nature of its many, many challenges.” You can read the full text on this link.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One . If you are playing and you need help fighting against the final bosses, find any weapon, talisman or legendary spell , Ring well Ring different tricks and tips such Ring big runes, sacred towers and unlock the endings of the game, We offer you our complete guide.

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