According to Jared Leto, Marvel saved the cinemas

The last two years have been particularly bad for the entertainment industry, and for that of the specific cinema. When the pandemic of Covid-19 was stronger than ever, many cinemas were forced to close their doors, and there were moments where they even spoke about the possible collapse of the industry.

First of all, how is it that the cinemas were recovered? Well, according to Jared Leto, was thanks to the Movies of Marvel . In statements for VARIETY , Leto said the following:

“If it had not been for Marvel’s movies, I’m not sure that the cinemas would continue to exist. I do not feel that there is space for everyone, and this is becoming a bit sad. I also feel grateful for these movies because they continue giving life to the cinema.

MORBIUS - Official Trailer (HD)

I know how important it was for me as a child… use movies as an escape. The cultural experience was quite informative and shocking. I saw movies that changed my life. “

These statements are similar to those he did Ben Affleck a few months ago, when he mentioned that a point would come when the cinemas would only project Marvel movies.

Editor’s note : Well, I do not know if it is due to Marvel, but it’s really a miracle that the cinema has survived the Covid. The MCU definitely left an important legacy, and although we do not like their productions, we can not deny that the impact they left in the industry will remain valid for many more years.

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