Where to find and use VHS cassettes in Project Zomboid?

To find VHS cassettes in Project Zomboid, you will need to search cabinets, tables and writing tables in homes. The best place to search for VHS cassettes is VHS stores, as in VHS stores there are large shelves filled to edges VHS cassettes.

You can find VHS stores in such cities as Muldo as well as Riverside . There are other places where you can look for VHS cassettes, all of them are listed below.

  • Video Cassette stores
  • Residential buildings
  • Storage outside Riverside
  • Storage
  • Gas ​​stations
  • Tables near TV
  • Wardrobe
  • Side Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Tables
  • Show-windows shelves

What is VHS cassettes in Project Zomboid?

In short, video tapes are a form of entertainment and a means by which players can take advantage of the video. TV channel “Life and Life”. After hemnemes.

Players can watch TV cassettes and reduce their burden of mood, and can also use them to increase the level of various skills. If you want to use VHS cassettes to get skills, you need to search VHS option .

These VHS special cassettes usually represent simply VHS versions of many shows that players can see during the first session. Eight days launch game. However, here is the complete list of all VHS cassettes, which give skills from viewing them.

All video tapes with skills in Project Zomboid

**** How to use VHS cassettes in Project Zomboid?

To use the VHS cassette in Project Zomboid, players will need to find a TV and insert the cassette inside it. You can find TVs in many places, but it is best to look at the houses and VHS stores.

VHS Skill Tapes Are The Best
When you find a TV, click on it, as if you were going to watch TV channel. But instead of playing with the channel settings, you will need to click and drag tape from inventory to TV. After the ribbon is installed, simply click the play button, and then lean the back of the chair and see the show.

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