Hideo Kojima reveals his favorite Batman movie

The Batman Finally came to cinemas from all over the world the past Friday, March 4, for what all kinds of opinions have emerged in recent weeks. Hideo kojima already had the opportunity to enjoy the new Matt Reeves tape and although it seems a very good version of the character, it is not really your favorite movie of it.

Hideo Kojima Reveals His Favorite Batman
Kojima It is usually quite vocal through your Twitter account, so by a brief criticism aimed at The Batman, revealed that your favorite movie of this character is actually The LEGO Batman Movie. **

According to Kojima , The Batman does not do a very good job showing the dualities of Bruce Wayne, so we always see a dark version of the character and there is no differentiance between the multimillion-dollar philanthropist and the masked hero. This does not mean that Kojima has not enjoyed this recent feature film, he only considers that there are other better hero movies.

Editor’s note: Kojima has a point, although obviously The Batman is a film focused on the hero and not so much in Bruce Wayne. In fact, his scene out of his suit are very little and although he had been well exploring this side of the watchman, I guess that will be saved for the sequels.

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