Konami arranges Free Indie Game Fair in Japan – Indie Games Connect 2022 Combines Games and Players

Konami organizes the Indie Games Connect 2022 fairs in the coming summer.

The Indie Games Connect 2022 will be held on June 26, Konami Creative Center in Tokyo Ginza. The purpose of the event is to help the indixtile developers get their work as possible in their many peers and players. There are no admission fee for the fair, as konami wants to enable versatile networking.

IGC22 consists of three different areas:

  • Playing Development Consulting for Exhibitors: Specific program for exhibitors, where experienced professionals are on site playing games and responding to questions or concerns that developers face daily.
  • Indie Game Exhibition: Game factors who want as many users as possible to enjoy the games to which they have sacrificed their ideas may be in touch with other game factors and users.

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* Game Developer Seminar: The main sponsorship of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Indie initiative’s Indie initiative Showering Yoshida hosted discussion on the future of indiaders and game factors.

The game range of exhibitors will be announced at the beginning of May.

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