Call of Duty: Warzone Details – Contracts, Cash, Gulag and Revives

Today-free Battle Royale Shooter has some unique systems and mechanics.

Activision absolutely surprised no one with the publication of the official trailer for C. alle mandatory: Warzone and confirms the existence and release date of the free Battle Royale title. Although separate from Call of Duty Modern Warfare It was mainly developed by Infinity Ward and shares progress with the former. So, what is new in Riegsbiet Apart from the Battle Royal Elements?

Activision sketched in a press release as some of the new mechanics. For example, money will be earned in a match and can buy redemption brands for dead team mates, field upgrades, equipment and killstreaks. Contracts are basically optional headgards and include achieving certain goals to earn money, EP, weapons EP and booty. Maybe the most interesting part about Riegsland is the Gulag.

Instead of being dead when eliminated, players travel to Gulag instead and enter 1V1 gunfight games against other players. The winner can be used again (and other players can follow the action). You can also buy a self-revive kit to bring back to life, and there is a squad backback option that can be used on different stations on the map.

Overall, Call of Duty: War area looks like an interesting example of the Battle Royale formula, while holding the core mechanics of the series. It will be released today for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. More information is available here.

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