Erfurt wins top game: only pleading can still follow

The FC unit Rudolstadt shocked the FC Carl Zeiss Jena II late on Saturday afternoon and, after all, abducted one point from the intensely guided derby. Both started Research: Engojan for the Hommelf, Schack and Krahrert for the guests each had the early guidance on the foot. After that, however, the game flattened, scoring chances were rar. There it was little surprising that in the second passage an unfortunate action of unit-lock man Bresemann, who fell on the bumpy runner a pioneer, niestant and thus the homely to the guidance (65.). Jena then missed the decision. “When we do the 2: 0 is the matter,” Jenas coach Heiko Weber analyzed after the game. However, Carl Zeiss did not play his counterattack well. That punished the guests in the exam time. Jena did not get a wide influence not clarified, the ball landed with wax, which bulged him volley into the stitches (90. + 3).

“The result is unhappy from our point of view, but we could have been quite quite back in a certain period,” says Weber. “That Rudolstadt is robust and into the two-fighting all purity, we know. The game was racy, but certainly no good.” His opposite Holger Jähny spoke of “a lot of effort” that his team has operated to come in possession. But the courage was sometimes missing. “Our ball processing and the offensive game just have to be better. The opponent actually makes a goal with no chance.” To the end his team once again thrown everything into the scales. “A game is just ending with the final whistle. You always have to believe in it.” Rudolstadt now has 24 points on the credit side and thus already a good upholstery on the relegation places. Jena stands at 30 meters and thus lags in the fifth place.

Several teams benefited from Jena’s Remis. Among them the SG Union Sandersdorf, which prevailed against the FC Grimma deservedly and improved in third place. Bondarenko succeeded in convenient passing in the interface of the only hit of encounter (29th). Sandersdorf, who had a player in the field over a half-time – buired (coarse foul) before breaking the red card (44.) -, in addition to some exuberant opportunities, even a misfortune of the penalty point (Ludwig, 18. ). Grimma was offensive, however, too harmless to punish this, and remains after the 0: 1 defeat on the relegation relegation place. Profiteer was also the VFC Plauen, who also won 1-0. The decisive hits in Wernigerode, which was not rewarded for a dedicated appearance, scored 70 Plauens Philipp Dartsch in minute to a corner by head. Five minutes before the final whistle VFC actor Depta was still a unnecessary red card when he hit Hildach at a skirmish to the ground. But the course reference had no influence on the exit. Plauen climbs through success in second place, Wernigerode continues six points in front of the danger area.

Rapport's Legendary Decision Wins Final

Last but not least, on Sunday, the top match between the FC Red White Erfurt and the FSV Budissa Bautzen on the agenda, which RWE was clearly won 4-1. “We are pleased that we have survived the hard weeks so well. I’m proud of the team,” Fabian Gerber said after the game. A followed start and a furious finish helped the invention to expand the spreadsheet. Mergel already headed the lead in the third minute. The best offensive of the league beat back quickly. Jockusch used the circumstance that Schellenberg was too far before his goal after a rescue operation and set to 1: 1 for Bautzen. Otherwise, the Budissa attack remained largely harmless on this Sunday afternoon. Unlike the hosts, which in the 26th minute by Tavares, who picked up a high ball of Mergel and safely pushed back in the lead. The guests from Saxony came motivated from the cabin, but the better chances had Erfurt. The Thuringians, however, needed until the final minutes to retire the victory. Seidemann, who came for Kerasidis after 75 minutes, redeemed the homeland in 89 minutes. With the final whistle Hajrulla even made for the 4: 1. RWE now has four points ahead of Plauen – on Sandersdorf, Jena and Bautzen are even eight counters.

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