Assassins Creed Valhalla: The characters Ragnarök

Anyone who wants to go into the dwarf with Odin to save his son Baldr can do that at any time. As you start the DLC the sign Ragnaröks, however, depends on how far you are in the main game of AC Valhalla. But this does not relate to the story, but the Powerlevel, which must be at 340 or higher. But no worries: who is not so far with egg, gets a temporary progress boost from Ubisoft.

After installation, there are three options as you can get in the DLC:

  1. You have a score and have a Powerlevel over 340.
  2. You have a score, but are still under a powerlevel under 340.
  3. You still have no score for the main game.

If you want to know more about the characters of Ragnaröks, our DLC test is given to heart. In addition, our Kolleg * inside the Gamestar discussed the extension in a video:

Option 1: Your PowerLevel is over 340

  • Current progress: Evorns PowerLevel is over 340. The settlement has been expanded at least at Level 3 and has Valka’s hut.
  • How do I get to Svartalfaheim? Does the game lead how had. You then automatically get a note text in the game and the quest “restless dreams” unlocked. In the settlement hræfnathorp, you will finally talk to the Seher Valka, over which she reaches Svarthalfaheim.
  • I get a boost? You get mystical equipment borrowed.

Option 2: Your PowerLevel is under 340

  • Current progress: Your settlement is at least Level 3 and has Valka’s hut. But Evors PowerLevel is still under 340.
  • How do I get to Svartalfaheim? Does the game lead how had. In addition to a reference text, you will receive the quest “restless dreams”, which finally leads you to Valka in the settlement. Talk to her to get into the dwarf.
  • Do I get a boost? Yes, if you want. Before it goes to Svarthalfaheim, you will receive an insertion with the progress boost that you can accept or reject. The Boost raises your PowerLevel to 340 and lends mystical equipment as well as a level 2 skills set.

Still important for option 1 and option 2

The Boost with the borrowed skills and equipment is only available in the DLC. The experience points, improvements and any loot deserved in Svarthalfahim remains in the main game. This can lead to an early game progress that the PowerLevel acquired in the DLC and the strong equipment simplifies the subsequent main game.

How to end the Ragnarök-DLC? You can travel from Svartalfaheim to England at any time. On the map of the DLC you will find an eye symbol that can be wakened in England again. If you want to continue the DLC, you only have to drink the appropriate potion in Valka’s hut.

Option 3: For new Valhalla players * inside

  • Current progress: You have not played the main game yet or want to have the pure DLC experience.
  • How to get to Svartalfaheim? The start of the DLC is via the menu. Starts a new game and selects “the characters Ragnaröks”. To play the DLC about this path, but block access to England and the other areas from AC Valhalla.

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* Do I get a boost? Yes. Here is the progress boost. Is called Powerlevel 340, mystical equipment and capabilities level 2.

The characters Ragnarök has been available since March 10,2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Instead of egg, we play the Nordic God Odin, who has to compete in Svarthalfaheim against the fiery Surr, Lord von Muspellsheim, to save his son. For the DLC, the main game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is needed.

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