“Triangle Strategy” review. I still cant catch up now on the shine of memories

“Provide a nostalgic game experience with the latest technology”. As a developer, as a publisher, it is one of the trends to be read from Square Enix’s activities in the last few years. The company has such as “Octop Straveler”, “Blabry Default 2”, “Blabry Default 2”, “Actorus Renaissance”, “HD-2D Version Dragon Quest III” currently under development, etc. It can be seen by arranging the sending path to expand the sales channel by arranging the RPG, which has a classic characteristic, especially classical characteristics.

And “ Triangle Strategy ” is also one of the works that have the same flow. The “Tactics Ouga” and “Final Fantasy Tactics”, such as a masterpiece to master furniture in the quarter era, the main work is a mission that “deliver the attractiveness of the classical attraction to the present age” is sufficiently achieved. But it is suspicious if it is said that “the level that is suitable for the present occurrence appeared.” The evolution of the user interface is not catching up nowadays and has not been sufficient for the challenge for the future.

“Triangle Strategy” has not appeared as a work of classicalism, but has become a fucked work, such as whether he brought out a classic directly. Memories are always beautiful. Still, we should not forget what we live now.

“Triangle Strategy” is a simulation RPG launched March 4, 2022 from Square Enix. Belief and Justice will be spinned by the “Noseria” continent that three countries have repeatedly competitive over salt and iron interest. Square era Masterpiece Simulation While taking over the gene of RPG, as a system that is an eyeball, it has a “Balance of Belief” to which the story branches up depending on the player’s behavior.

# Merihari with great combat and sweet ui

The battle of this work that will make the simulation RPG of the Square era as a parent is the appearance that “the unit acts in the map with a box garden and height concepts” Although it is slippery, we aim to narrow down the narrowing place and aim at the trained part, and it succeeded in providing a “player challenging player to the producer” a nostalgic experience that the player challenges “the player challenges” that the creator is a “challenging the creator”. ing.

The challenge of simulation RPG believes that the challenge of RPG is a war game that enjoys the transition of things from objective perspectives, and RPG elements that enjoy the difference between individual behavior from the subjective perspective. For example, the chess, which is the ancestor of the war game, is a mechanism that reads the prepared information from an objective perspective by the fact that the performance and number of units is fixed, and it becomes a mechanism that can not be won unless it is used. There is. But RPG enjoys the difference between players.

In other words, by importing the RPG element, it is a mechanism to leave the player whether to use the prepared information. As a result, a unit that does not use at all depending on the performance, and the stage built by the status violence may fall into a situation that “designed”.

Speaking of works that are famous for overlooking this situation, it will be the “XCOM” series and the “Fire Emblem” series. Both are both able to create personal intentions to the units that have been raised by incorporating the mechanism of “unit loss” to the difficulty levels colored in random combat It has pulled out the playing that must be d1. Both objective and subjectivity. In particular, “Fire Emblem-style Snow Moon”, which is the latest series of series, is a work in which this property appears significantly.

So, “Triangle Strategy” is solved this by making the RPG element simplified. All units that appear in this work are clearly unclear, and the status can be stamped in advance with equipment, but it is not possible to cover weaknesses through fostering and can not change their taste. In addition, the recommended level of the unit is set for each stage, and it becomes difficult to level until it exceeds this. The remaining RPG element is about “The unit to be friends differs depending on the player’s selection.”

In addition, the enemy AI is excellent and tends to actively perform attacks that make use of terrain, grant state abnormalities, and recovery of damaged allies. Therefore, one thousand with the level difference is not possible, and the player must be fostered without being uniform because the outcome is decided at the time of the unit’s election. However, this is also possible that there is almost no points where you can change the characteristics of the development, and for the time being, the intention of all of the friends will be leveling and prepared by the free map without thinking about anything.

“TP” resource management is also an interesting system. This is the arrangement of the “BP” system used in “Octop Strept Labeler” and can be saved up to 5 points depending on one point and the reinforcement of the unit. Although this resource is consumed at a time, it is a mechanism that can use powerful commands, but all commands other than normal attacks must use TP, so after using powerful techniques, The unit to skip comes out. The above-mentioned enemy’s trends were also coupled, and it is recovered that it was recovered that the behavior was restored, and it is also a daily basis that the command can not be hit and not moved without having to get inhibition.. Some of the good readers think that “If you need to increase or decrease the TP with the enemy taste”, there will be some way to solve it. However, there are some units such as such characteristics, but it is misleading that it can only increase or decrease TP and can not affect the board surface.

Observe the map and check the abnormal condition that can be applied to the height difference, gimmick and boss unit. Select a member suitable for capture from units that belong to our army. How many tanks and recovery roles are needed, or the attribute compatibility of the magician is okay? If you want to give a magician, you want to make a TP adjustment role, but it’s impossible to get an archer.

If you move to actually fight, you will be asked about a clever excessive arm through TP control. Where can you create a great skill, attack or attack the enemy, or make any decisions to be able to get to grabbing the victory above, and make appropriate decisions on successful options. The battle of “Triangle Strategy” that tense thread does not loosen until it meets the victory conditions, the battle of “Triangle strategy” that tension does not loosen until it meets the victory conditions, and the “old good” high difficulty And compatible with the hand of the challenge.

In addition, this work does not have a lot of time to combat the battle with the amount of part where the scenario progresses, and there are not many variations of the map. Nevertheless, thanks to this difficulty, we did not feel the lack of work regarding the battle. The authors played this work at the difficulty level of “NORMAL”, but several times have given a game over time. However, even if it becomes a game over, it is appreciated that the level that rising in the battle is not reset. A user who is not familiar with the simulation RPG, combined with the training element, and it is an approach that repeats the challenge against the high difficulty.

Just disappointing is that the user interface group that should be to support this wonderful combat experience is not very good. The wire to connect the elements and elements is weak, and it is difficult to transmit the intention of the design. As a result, time and effort have been made to understand the structure of the system. Despite being trying to secure the size of the high difficulty level, it will come from the point of proceeding to the entrance in this UI.

For example, “fabric” that enhances the character is not knowing where there are any elements just looking back. If it is a blacksmith, it seems to be a blacksmith, and if it is a shop, there is no shop-like icon anywhere. Only the Battle Map “Assumption Battle” There is a bar as a placement center, but it is not a user who has been touched by the medieval style fantasy that can be connected to the recognition of the bar = the place of the place. The significance of the existence of free battle maps that earn experience values ​​will not be described. Naming that emphasizes the mains to the main, such as military exercises, seems better.

Triangle Strategy Caught Me Off Guard... | Review
If you get over this, open a blacksmith reinforcement menu is displayed in a list, but some of the reinforcement items are not highlighted in the first screen. If you move to the next menu, you do not know why if the enhanced unit is highlighted in the list. It is difficult to understand the elements that can switch between two reinforced items.

UI also leaves problems in battle. If you move to the battle, it will be a problem first, at the time of operating the unit, “It is difficult to determine if you are in the present stage.” Unit operation is the flow of “moving or command → behavior → direction adjustment”, but there is no stopper that indicates the stage and stopping the movement, so in the middle of the operation There is a possibility that an accident will occur that re-confirming or can not adjust the direction.

On the other hand, it is necessary to keep the button long press to speed up the game speed. It is the end of the end that players put a burden on the player to use the function to enjoy the player. It is also a problem that it is difficult to access buff commands to advance game makeup literally, literally. Why can not be accessed directly from the main screen and selecting from the menu where “interrupt game” item is lined up. Design intentions do not convey.

For combat, I would like to touch that HD-2D to enhance visuals is also affecting the bad direction. Since this work does not transmit to the object, not only objects in the map but also the unit may be hidden and difficult to view the unit depending on the camera position. If the camera has moved by 2D, if the camera has moved without permission, the vivid bright light and the unit of the ground will be disgusted, and the vision of the visibility is worse when viewed from the viewpoint Somehow.

Although the above point is fortunately, it has not reached the game play, it is premised on the line play, and in this work that requires its own play time, the game tempo is delayed and the motivation is slowly cut slowly go. Despite being a wonderful work experience, and the user who is not familiar with genres is also a very easy-to-play specification, the situation that supports the pillar that supports it is very unusual. It is not bad to adopt classicalism as a game design, but it is to take the attitude of the respect for the first time, and the old odor that can not be convinced the design intention to the user “taste” It is not to be done.

# Conquering the royal road Now that you are not working well with the bonot story

Speaking of the attraction of SRPG, not only tactical battle, but also the story drawn with the game design based on the game design called War game is also essential. The story of “Triangle Strategy” is a fictional medieval European world “Noseria” region, and a “old-fashioned” military thing based on salt and iron resources and slaves, and Wars over the distribution network. Among the ridiculences where things are not intended to be desired, the group show to see what the “belief” is about to talk. The contents are royal roads, and they will be developed while using the contrast structure of the main character, which is the trail of the thin large master of our greed, and the key characters hidden within some ego. Because of our history of “salt and iron resources and slaves, and Wars over the Distribution Network” Even if deployment is repeated, as a user, it is easy to feel the reality strong and susceptible to the user, and it is easy to understand the content.

Also, readings are also firm. The reason why things remain progresses and one of the key characters is a polite result that spots hitting a spotlight, as well as the presence of a wonderful deliverable to shake the human emotions that Mr. Senjiku will work, and the actor team A number of truly approaching acting is giving thickness and depth to the story of this work. There are many materials that talk about background settings, and it is a good impression as a story dealing with history. The story of the unlimited recessed book is the fun to lose the time when it is unlikely, and the branching element is also high and the replaisability is high.

On the other hand, even if it is not functioning for the branch of the “belonging balance” and the story by the mask parameter, also receives the impression that is becoming a waist. In this work, three types of mask parameters that do not know the player will increase by the player’s one-hand-handed out of the game, such as tactics that adopt items and tactics adopted during combat. As a result, there is a major impact on the branches of the unit and the story to be joined, and sometimes the stories are branched in a different direction (sometimes) that the story is different from the selected branch. It was only once until ending that the expansion that betrayed forecasts.

Because, the options during conversations that become typical opportunities to rise will be brilliant in a three-way three-way conversation, and it is possible to control the player to some extent. In the branching, the paradise of the choice and different opinions are not difficult to persuade characters with different opinions. Therefore, it was easy to proceed with the branch as desired. The concept of “Bailan of Belief” that comes to think about what you want to do through the player’s behavior is that in a ruler that does not seem to think like things, the main character of the main character who is adopting a democratic method, In the form of an element that brings up, it is a specification that is very engaged in the story, and is also interesting as an adventure game like system design.

However, if you change the view, it may be a stressor because it will not be able to make the player desired. Was avoiding such risks. At the same time, it can be achieved at the same time as it can be achieved, and at the same time, the achievement of the concept is not sufficient. (By the way, when it is cleared, all information on the increase in mask status will be all apparent. Therefore, it is not possible to advance to the branch as desired at the time of the change play.)

It is not possible to make use of HD-2D, which is another eyeball. As mentioned above, it will get in the way during the battle, and because it is poor for the type of character animation and the colorful effect, the cut scene, especially the combat scene, is deficient. The picture is not catched up with great deliveries and actors’ acting, and only the glittering background is bad. Even if the type of map is scarce, there are many scenes where there is a sense of vision even if it becomes a scene that is swelled.

In addition, it is not possible to separate some scene conversion as a sub-story. This work has a long one episode, and there is a risk that it has a redundant impression, as well as lack of production. That’s why it guesses that it was divided as a scene that can be skipped, but this worries ended with a dense combat experience as a canchful agent. As a result of dividing the scene conversion into a sub-story, the tempo in which the game progresses is worse, and has adversely affected the style that recommended the circle play. Similarly, with regard to RPG parts that can be searched freely, the tempo was also deteriorated, and it was not possible to feel more interesting and significance than the map’s preposition.

“I want you to enjoy a nostalgic game experience through the latest technology” The classical attempt of the Square Enix is ​​at least welcome to be a young person. A game called masterpiece than before, but it is difficult to prepare the corresponding hardware, but it is not possible to share the feeling of air at that time, There are many works that can not be valid as a play. That’s why it is very grateful to provide the “old-fashioned” experience to the latest game design, and it will be offered in a form that can be enjoyed and enjoyable as “Triangle Strategy”. It is also true of such an attempt that humans who play with human and classics can share the topic and have a fun discussion.

However, it is a pity that there is still room for improvement yet in terms of “latest technology”. From now on “live alive” remake, this classicalism will continue. In the future, I would like to show us “newness” that seems to be Square Enix through nostalgia. Memories are always beautiful. Still, we should not forget what we live now.

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