Elite Dangerous Developer cancels the development of the console

Dellite dangerous The developer Frontier Developments has announced that it will cancel all the development of consoles in the future. While the PC version of the video game will continue to be actively developed, Frontier Development is effectively abandoning the new development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, except for the most critical updates. However, the game will continue to be available in the consoles for anyone who wants to play those versions instead of the last and better.

“During the last months, we have been fighting with the best way to move forward, and with great sorrow we have decided to cancel all the development of the console,” wrote David Braben De Frontier Developments in the official announcement yesterday. “We need to be able to move forward with the history of the game, and so that we can do this, we must focus on a single code base. _ Hazardous_elite_ will continue on the console as it is now along with critical updates, but we will focus on new content updates on the PC in the post-odisea base code “.

Essentially, Frontier Developments has been supporting two different code bases, pre-odisea and post-odisea since the launch of odisea in May 2021, and the developer claims that continuing to do so is no longer sustainable. Instead of admitting both consoles and PC in an intermediate manner, the decision has been made to dedicate all its efforts to the development of the PC version in the future.

As noted above, _ hazardous_ is available for PC, as well as for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the PC version will continue to receive all the important updates, the versions of PS4 and Xbox One will only receive critical updates in the future. You can check all our previous _elite _ellite coverage in general right here.

Elite Dangerous - All Console Development CANCELLED!
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