What are the creature hearts in the genesis of Darksiders?

In DARKSIDERS GENESIS, creatures are the special objects you are going to pick up throughout the game. They allow you to improve the statistics of your heroes and make them more powerful. You can get the creature hearts by killing the enemies. A creature core will fall the first time you kill a new type of enemy, and the special creature cores can be abandoned by the boss and elite enemy monsters.

Kill again and again the same units will result in picking up the same nuclei, but it will increase the kernel level. In this way, you can exploit the areas to strengthen your construction. You can also buy The Noyaux with Vulgrim and gain them in the arena.

Once you have reached Vulgrim for the first time, you will be able to access the menu of your creature core. You can do it from the pause menu. This will allow you to organize your hearts as you please, but there are some key points to note.

The creature hearts can be placed in The Locations to increase statistics and capabilities The two characters, Strife and War. Each core can improve your health, attack or anger powers. They may also have their own effect or impact on a skill, for example to reduce the recharge time or increase the damage caused by a specific displacement. Pay particular attention to the description of each heart to see exactly what type of effect it has. You can see the complete description of a heart by clicking on an empty location, then selecting the heart in the The Cores list available to the left of the screen.

You must also pay attention to the locations in which you insert the hearts. The locations will have a specific type and if you match the type of location to the type of core, they will have an increased effect. The special nuclei you receive The Boss can only be inserted into the major creature locations. Some nuclei being wild type, you can place the core of your choice.

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You can delete creature cores and place them in different locations. Adjacent locations will have to have an active core, otherwise they will not be powered. It is better to try different versions to determine their impact on your characters.

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