F1 Manager 2022: Frontier Developments supplies first details about the management title with Official F1

Two years ago, Frontier Developments announced that the F1 rights for several games in the future was secured. With the F1 Manager 2022, the team now introduced the first project, which should already appear this summer. It is a management game that will not sit myself behind the wheel, but take full control over an F1 team. You are responsible for the development of your vehicle, cares about the drivers and employees of your racing stables and sets the perfect strategy for the next Grand Prix.

NEW F1 MANAGER GAME TRAILER ANALYSIS | F1 Manager 2022 Frontier Developments

Thanks to the official F1 license, all drivers, employees and routes of the 2022 season are available in the game. According to the teaser, the F2 and F3 are also contained in unknown form. Frontier Developments promises a “hyperrealistic simulation” with “breathtakingly reality-friendly TV transmission quality” for the F1 Manager 2022. Further details will reveal the creators in the coming weeks. The game will appear for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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