Amazons MMO “New World” Localization for Russia canceled. War also affects the translation development of the game

Amazon Games Vice President revealed that the company has canceled the Russian localization plan for the MMO “New World”. Overseas Media Techradar is transmitted.

“NEW WORLD” was developed by Amazon Games Orange County and is MMORPG that started service last September. This work has attracted the number of simultaneous connectors greater than 900,000 people. However, defects, lack of adjustment and administration, etc. are overlapped, and the player population tends to run out. Currently, the number of days peak players of Steam has remained around 30,000 (STEAMDB). Development sources have continued to improve, but they are continuously improved and are works with strong fans.

RUSSIA IS CANCELED: every company is leaving Russia

Overseas Media Techradar reported that Russian localization for “New World” was aborted on March 4. Amazon Games, Vice President, Christoph Hartmann, was revealed in the interview of the same magazine. “NEW WORLD” was officially accepted by Spanish, Brazil, Italian French, German-Polish. Although Russian was in response to a response at the developing STEAM forum, it is the official revealed again with this cancellation announcement. In addition, the company’s public relations staff later recognizes that “the cancellation of localization is responsible for Ukrainian invasion by Russia” to the same magazine.

Also, the cancellation of localization is consistent with the policy across Amazon. The company announced a policy to support humanitarian assistance to Ukraine on March 1. In addition to donations from employees, it is assumed that up to 5 million US doses as a company will be added to donations and donated to each support group. In addition to providing donation buttons on the company platform, we also need to support employees who work in Europe. As a whole of the company, there may be a movement to support Ukraine, but support for Russian users may have made decisions with inappropriate.

In addition, in the Ukrainian invasion by Russia, Apple has a major company, such as stopping product sales in Russia. Also, in the game industry, Microsoft and Electronic Arts stopped product sales in the same domain. Besides, many developers / publishers support Ukraine and show the policy to seek peace (related articles). However, like this “New World”, it is a rare case that the localization plan will be canceled and being revealed by the officialization plan. How are Russian gamers, have you stop these current situations?

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