“Gran Turismo 7” released today for PS4 / PS5! Overseas rating in series collection of series, the ultimate drive shim

Sony Interactive Entertainment released the real-drive simulator “ Gran Turismo 7 (GRAN TURISMO 7)” developed by Polyphony Digital today.

This work is a real-oriented driving simulator called a series collection system that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the work “Gran Turismo” for PlayStation in November 1997. More than 420 types of commercial vehicles and racing cars are reproduced with the highest quality of history. The PS5 version of Metascore has recorded 88 points, and overseas evaluation is also over.

It is not only the car that is pursuing the reality, but also the environment and so on. Real time and weather change based on huge weather data, 34 locations that occur 34 locations, and you can drive freely with 97 courses layout.

World Map, which imaged car resort, can enjoy a place where you can purchase a car such as a used car dealer and brand central, and a tuning shop that can be customized, and missions and multiplayer. In addition, in the “cafe” responsible for the center of the game play, you can play various challenges and recorded content in a menubook format, and the series beginners can learn the basics and enjoyment of the game, and automobile culture.

“Gran Turismo 7” is currently on sale for PS4 / PS5. Game * SPARK has posted overseas reviews summary and lead play repo, so please see. In addition, an early guide is published in PlayStation.blog.

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