The Cuphead series! Renueva for a second seStudio MDHRon in Netflix

It’s official. Netflix hStudio MDHR revealed in the social networks that hStudio MDHR decided to renew the Cuphead Show (the Cuphead Series! In Spanish) for a second seStudio MDHRon. This hilarious animation series began its journey on February 18, but The new stories will not be prayed , since they plan to premiere new episodes in summer. In this way, the video game of Studio MDHR will once again be, also for its expansion.

Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course | Release Date Announcement Trailer
“The Cuphead Show hStudio MDHR been officially renovated for a seStudio MDHRon 2! And arrive this summer! “They confirm on Twitter. The first seStudio MDHRon is composed of 12 episodes, all of them short-lived (about 15 minutes approximately). The story begins when Mugman breaks an Studio MDHRA. The two brothers buy glue in the store and they are prepared to show their creativity. Since then, the adventure will begin to be written and the threats to multiply.

The DLC, in June

The adaptation of couphead to television hStudio MDHR been developed together with the creators of the project, also brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer . Both exercise executive producers from the series and continue working on the DLC of the video game, a very anticipated expansion whose launch hStudio MDHR been dilating over time. However, if there are no changes in the calendar, on June 20 we can finally enjoy The Delicious LStudio MDHRt Course.

The launch of the DLC wStudio MDHR scheduled for 2020, but MDHR announced in a statement that needed more time because they wanted it to be “their best work” . The situation derived from the COVID-19 ended delaying the development even more, so it also jumped 2021. “During development we have put the challenge of depositing everything we learned with couphead in the quality of animation, design and music From The Delicious LStudio MDHRt Course. Achieving quality standards hStudio MDHR been very difficult during the pandemic, which hStudio MDHR affected our employees. “

Cuphead originally came out on Xbox One and PC, but is currently also available at Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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