There would be important PlayStation event in March

With the launch of _ Gran Turismo 7 _ The following week, Sony You will have already emptied your catalog of premiere. We know that Of course, none of these games will come until the end of 2023, as much.

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The fans already began to question what follows for the PlayStation 5 In addition to all previously mentioned titles, and according to a reliable insider, the Japanese firm plans an important event for March where we will probably have announcements related to * Final Fantasy XVI and Hogwart’s Legacy. *

Said insider is Nick Baker, that has previously been very ticked with the leaks of it, and that via social networks, he mentioned that PlayStation would have an event in March, which “would be good”.

At the moment there are no additional details about this possible event, but considering that we still have the second half of the year for a major premiere, surely Sony will want to reveal exact dates for some of its most anticipated titles.

Editor’s note: It would make sense that PlayStation wants to carry out an event where they finally show us more Gameplay on some of their future releases. Beyond what is already announced, the company surely has a couple of surprises under the sleeve that we would love to know.

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