5 SIFU modifications that everyone must try

With SlocLap surprising everyone with the elegant and challenging Martial Arts Sifu fighter, most likely the players are already looking for even more ways to prolong the enjoyment of the game. While it is definitely difficult as a nail, the game is not so long, but with the power of modifications, you can certainly enjoy SIFU with a new layer of paint. It’s time to see some of the best modifications of SIFU Everyone has to try.

As usual, all modifications come from the good people of Nexusmods. If you need to work, be sure to read all useful instructions so that it does not end up ruining your game. With that out of the way, let’s immerse ourselves fully.


An excellent way to make Sifu, well, be more fun for the player, the MOD Sifun will give players a better view of the surroundings by implementing the field of vision and distance from the camera both inside and outside combat. On the game side, players will have 50% more health, they will recover more health of eliminations and demolitions, while the movement is 25% faster. All this contributes that SIFU shines even more and is more tolerant for beginners.

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epic Reskins.

There is definitely a collection of characters that players want to see in a fighting game like Sifu and, as usual, the community has more than fulfilled. The tastes of Daredevil, Shaggy, John Wick, Scorpion and even Travis Touchdown can be part of your SIFU experience thanks to the various modifications.

Download now: Shaggy | Tema | Juan Mecha | Scorpio | Travis landing

God (Unlimited Health)

5 Sifu modifications that everyone must try

For a game that is proud to be a rogueike and be challenging, it may not be the type of game in which some players can get into. However, that should not be interposed on the path of someone who wants to enjoy the full plot of SIFU, and that is where this useful mod comes into play.

In short, using this MOD makes your character invincible, so you can still enjoy the incredible combat and survive until the end.

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Modified movement set

Is it already dominated the many movements available for our hero / heroin in SIFU? Then it’s time to experiment with the modded MOVESET mod. This MOD will replace several movements in the game with chiefs and special enemies, which will allow new attacks and combos to provide a different experience.

Now you can turn around those annoying combatants and give them a proven of their own medicine.

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my collection of swaps

If you have been playing constantly through Sifu, you would have faced a variety of enemies. This particular MOD will make the different feminine models be playable as the main character, providing even more options to avenge with the aspect you choose.

It is a pretty impressive collection of characters models, which could mean another new career for the players in SIFU.

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That does it through the list of MOD of 5 mods of SIFU that everyone must try . To get more information and tips about the game, be sure to check our review and other useful guides for the game.

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