The first challenge in the PC shooting game market this year

This year bought two domestic games he challenged the shooter PC game market is expected to be a fierce tug of war.

22 days, according to the gaming industry is in full swing on the thumb Age, people wonder, line games, including Games, Inc., respectively Crows, super people, kwinteom Knights, including new shooter developed.

◆ Sudden Attack baekseunghun father of four making new progress ‘Crows’… public test

First Age thumb is conducting a public test of its open-world shooter PC game, ‘Crows’ during the period of steam next plague. Steam next plague may meet several developing small festival to celebrate the games scheduled for release, it is also possible for developers to participate in live chats and progress.

Crows is that it features a large collection and competitive PvP shooter with great powers have hired mercenaries ‘Crows’ becomes ‘kyuon (Q-on)’, the next generation of energy sources that appear on the map.

Increasing maturity over twice the global beta test before hand launched a massive occupation before the zones Blood ‘in’ Selena Inn Valley and the new map “Gray Stone”.

In this test, such as 4 of the squad combat operations that configure the components’ Blue Whale ‘Map of the Blood zones proceeds divided into two camps’ Selena Inn Valley “map is open.

‘Squad operation’ mode is said to escape gather ‘kyuon’ core of the game world, “John Blood ‘is a way to reach a certain score before a massive occupation, or the many camps scores obtained during timeouts win.

Crows public testing can enjoy downloaded more than anyone in the steam fest next 18 years from 21 to 28 users. Also, if you register for the event via a live stream of the public testing period it carried out, in search of game developers screenshots to SNS presents a “Welcome Kit”.

Crows are the target market the first half of this year.

◆ Dungeon & Fighter father heomin the first FPS new “Super People” Wonder of the people established a representative

Battle wonder that people have developed royal PC FPS game “Super People” can receive rave reviews in December last year a global CBT (Closed Beta) increase the global box office expectations.

Super PeopleSoft’s goal is to survive the end of the fight while earning choose one of the 12 Super Soldier with different characteristics and skills. The game changes every skill growth and configure As added fun. Placing particular gunggeukgi change the flow of battle is regarded as the difference with the previous Battle Royale shooter.

Enhanced game Castle in the global CBT conducted from December 7 last 2021 years in August, reflecting a variety of feedback class skills and gun balance adjustment of the user obtained from the alpha test, sound play advanced, first-person mode development, UI improvements, etc. provided.

The record for December, steam Popular new games 1st 12 days while foreign inflation led to positive reactions from base eonseo. Battle Royale and the famous FPS genre games a Master’s Shroud (Shroud) of the trimmer is “specific to the various classes and gunggeukgi and skills they have, and cool,” he also said, “We need balance corrected by the CBT looks quite fun,” I say.

Super people had entered the quenching aims to launch this year.

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◆ medieval fantasy world background stylish combat armed Line Games New ‘kwinteom Knights’

Line Games unveiled the middle TPS Shooting online PC action game ‘Knights kwinteom (Quantum Knights)’ was released in April last year a variety of new ‘LPG 2021 (LPG 2021 (LINE Games-Play-Game 2021)’.

Kwinteom Knights are the first public bar by the name of “Project NM ‘over the past 2,018 years’ LPG 2018′ event in Scotland phase Dive Games and Services will develop in line Games.

The game is characterized to enjoy the magic and gun shooter is a medieval fantasy world open to harmony background combat mechanisms and combines nimble gotta move systems stylish battle.

Firearms (equipment) that appeared in ‘Quantum Knights’ may contain settings that you can easily use magic to put inscribed circle, each one had a unique ability and a unique appearance that. The user can continue to make the play a combination of your own taste tinge, while the collection / growing a variety of devices through it.

Line Games plans is through the further development of this year’s showcase game via Steam and Games line platform itself FLOOR.

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