All ways to get the players experience in disney twisted

Imaging your player rating in Disney Twisted-Wonderland, players can continue to read the main story of the game. Receiving the player’s experience is different from receiving the experience of a card, vignette or buddy. While other types of experience or EXP require a certain type of lesson, all lessons offer Player EXP players. Nevertheless, they are offered at different prices. Let’s take a look.

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Obtaining a player experience in lessons

Twisted Wonderland has three main types of lessons: the history of magic, flight and alchemy. History and flight are always available for all characters you unlocked, while students who have an alchemical laboratory change daily.

If everything that worries you is a player rating, the best lesson on which is to focus, is a flight, but it will not strengthen your cards. However, this will help you work on their improvement, which really increases statistics. History lessons increase the level of your cards and are the golden middle of the player’s experience. Alchemy, however, usually means that you are more focused on the experience of friends and receiving subjects related to spells than on the player’s experience.

No objects give and do not increase the player’s experience, but sometimes there are limited events that offer higher player experience rates, for example, a factor limited 1.5x multiplier. At this time, it is best to give preference to flight lessons, as you get the maximum return from the additional bonus to the player’s experience.

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