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Turning powerful in arca lost takes a while, since many of your systems require you to cultivate limited time content for weeks (if not months). This is absolutely the case of engraving, a system that will define most class buildings, but that you can not take full advantage as a new level 50 character. In this guide Arch lost Engraving guide, we will review what are the engravings and The multiple ways to upload them.

What are _arca lost_corn?

Engravings offer a series of beneficial effects (and possible drawbacks), as statistical increases under certain conditions or better support skills. Each one can climb at level 3, and the highest levels grant larger bonuses. All engravings are divided into 15 points, and the level increases in 1 per 5 points in that engraving (5 for level 1, 10 for level 2 and 15 for level 3).

There are three types of engravings you can get: regular engravings, class engravings and negative engravings. Regular engravings offer general benefits that can work in all classes, although some are more relevant for certain classes than for others. Meanwhile, class engravings are unique for each advanced class and will be the cornerstone of the constructions at the end of the game. Each advanced class has engravings of 2 classes, with some constructions that require you to have levels in both. Finally, negative engravings give you a penalty in some way and should be avoided at all costs.

How to get engravings in arca lost

After completing the missions of the main history “a Revised Kingdom”, you will begin to unlock a series of guide missions for new systems. One of them is the rightly called “test prints”, which gives access to the engraving tab in the character menu once completed. Making this mission will also give you 20 drops of recipe recipes of rare ether.

The recipes of engraving are one of the 3 ways in which you can build points towards the engravings. In the Engraving Effect section of the List tab, you can see the recorded bonuses available for your character. These are equipped enhancers that add points to a certain engraving effect: combat engraving bonuses are available for your entire list, while class bonuses are specific for exclusive printing of your advanced class.

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To unlock the base Engraving Bonus , you must use 20 rare record recipes of the same type. Once unlocked, each rare engraving bonus will add 3 points to that specific engraving. To unlock better engraving bonds, you must use 20 recipe recipes from the next level of rarity. The highest levels grant more engraving points when they are equipped (each rarity adds 3 additional points, up to 12 in legendary), which makes them essential for the final constructions.

Recipes of engraving can be obtained in several ways, although most of the first will be obtained through history missions. Many islands will also have secondary missions that will eventually reward recipes. In addition, level 50 content, such as Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids, have the possibility to throw random recipes. If you are looking for true engraving bonuses and you do not mind spending something of gold, it is possible to buy recipes from other players through the auction house.

The next source of engraving points are Skill stones . Ability Stones can be obtained through most level 50 content, and each has 2 positive and one negative engraving effects. However, these stones do not really work without being faceted. The carving is carried out through Ability Stone Cutters, NPC found in any important city.

Each engraving effect on a skill stone has a certain amount of blank nodes. Fill these nodes with engraving points is based on RNG, with a success rate of each attempt limited to 75%. Succeeding into adding a point will reduce that percentage in 10, while failing increases it in 10.

For Complete faceting a skill stone , you should try to face each node for the 3 engraving effects, including negative engraving. The best strategy is to try to face the positive effects when the success rate is 55% or more, and attempting the negative effect when the percentage is low.

It is not possible to obtain class engravings through faceted skill stones, and only 1 stone can be equipped at a time. As an additional benefit, the skill stones that were followed successfully for a certain period of time also grant additional vitality.

How to get additional engraving points

Finally, you can get additional engraving points through level 50 accessories. You will begin earning these accessories after you arrive at Vern Castle and complete the level 1 content, each with a random set of points.

Like Ability Stones, the accessories count negative engraving effects . Having 5 or more points on a negative engraving in Ability Stones and accessories will result in a penalty, although this is easily avoided when monitoring the engraving tab in the character menu. Fortunately, it is also possible to earn class engraving points through accessories, which is necessary if you want to reach level 3.

The process of obtaining higher level engravings is not something that can be completed in a few days, as it should continue completing the content with time limit. Usually, you will want to obtain a class engraving as soon as possible due to the bonuses that define your game style, along with regular engravings that are useful for several classes.

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