Cross-country duo Hennig / Carl Get Sensations

Madness on four skis: The cross-country skiers Katharina Hennig and Victoria Carl are in Beijing Olympics in the Teamsprint.

The bold gold dream of German ski runners has become a reality: Katharina Hennig and Victoria Carl are storming in Beijing Sensational to the Olympic In the Teamsprint Olympic In the Teamsprint and have twelve years after the Triumph of Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle and Claudia Nystad in the same discipline again a golden triumph for The long-misered cross-country ski team celebrated.

“We are like in the wrong movie and can not believe that. Unbelievable that we could put on the easel silver,” said the 25-year-old Oberwiesenthaler Hennig. The completely resolved final runner Carl (26) said, “I’m shaking all over the body, I’m full of adrenaline and walk around like counterfeit money. Only on the last mountain I realized that it’s about a coin.”

The Catherte Sauberbey into the team played first on the competition morning was the Giant Surprise in a Madness Target Print. The final run of the “Thüringen-Express” prevailed from the Schwedin Jonna Sundling and the Russian Natalja Naimjajewa. “That’s so cool, a better birthday present does not exist,” Bundestrainer Peter’s closed ridge, which was 52 years old on Wednesday, was in the team radio.

On Saturday Hennig and Carl had won together with Sauerbrey and Sofie Krehl silver in the season. Already this was a mean sensation. The climax was now followed in this so brutal discipline: Each runner had to cover three of the most demanding 1.5 km rounds in the change, and in the semi-finals as in the final – the cladic-style wear struggle was perfect for the two German Golden Girls.

Cross-country skiing: Men fail with a lot of unlucky in the semifinals

In the men were Albert Kuchler (Lam) and Janosch Brugger (Schluchsee) with a lot of unlucky in the semifinals – Brugger came out of the finish at just a ski. For Brugger, Meanwhile, the mishap of the home World Cup 2021 in Oberstdorf repeated. Already at that time, the bond had risen the bond early in the semifinals and a ski lost, this time he lost him shortly before the goal and final.

Already on the first round, Kuchler had suffered a stick break at a collision and had to work up to work. He too is a Beijing Pechbird: In the individual over 15 km, Kuchler had lost and lost relatively.

The day had begun for the German women with a supposed setback: which actually had to fit the side of Hennig for the Start Scheduled Olympic Discovery Sauerbrey. The burdens of their first winter games demanded the tribute of the 24-year-olds, which had formed as a start run of the silver squadron.

District woman Carl had already shown strong performance in Beijing and contributed significantly to the relief success – but she was considered the somewhat weaker classical runner. A truck.

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In Vancouver, Sachenbacher-Stehle and Nystad had won the Teamsprint and thus celebrated the previous German Olympic victory in the skiing run. In 2018 in Pyeongchang, the German men and women in the final tenth and thus had become last. At the 2019 home World Cup, there was an outdoor place nine for Victoria Carl and Sofie Krehl, Janosch Brugger and Sebastian Eisenlauer divorced in the semi-final.

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