SAMSUNG GALAXY A90 Specifications disclosed

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A90 have been the subject of a leak a few days ago and they confirmed what everyone was hoping for: the flagging navigation! Snapdragon 855, a triple rear cam and a 5G variant are only the visible part of the iceberg. As for Titanic, the leak is real, according to most sources online.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 has fled and the specifications assumed at a glance, for all variants:

  • Snapdragon 855
  • Fingerprint detector integrated in the monitor
    *. Variant 5g Fast charge + 45W
  • Triple rear cam = 48mp
  • 6.7 inch screen

Well, the technical specifications are not confirmed at this stage and some are even a rumor, not a part of this leak, like the fingerprint in the display. This feature is certainly very awaited by technology enthusiasts and it would be really cool to have a phone that you can touch. However, the 5G variant with a 45W fast charger is most likely a functionality, as well as its OIS technology offer. The hearts of all possible variants of the new Samsung. However, rumors that these editions of the Galaxy R series are immediately erased.

Another interesting and exciting feature is its Triple Rear Camera system, with a 48MP main camera and two assistants, one of 8MP. and the other 5MP. The leak places its 6.7-inch screen, which is a fairly standard size for this year’s headlamps. But the resolution capacity is still unknown and it is not even said. OIS TILT technology is also a probable factor.

Judging by online sources, the Samsung Galaxy A90 will be a mid-range flagship product, which means that it will probably have a lower price, as well as some other features that are not so great. But, if the assumed specifications are true and if we think more particularly about the fingerprint on the display, prices could increase considerably. Everything remains to be seen.

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