Franco Foda: “Lienhart is closer to the first eleven”

“Philipp has always been a good personality,” says Franco Foda in conversation with the good personality and notes: “He has developed extremely well in the last one, two years in Freiburg extremely well to the regular player.” At 2: 1 in Augsburg on Saturday was Lienhart for the 63rd time in series in the Bundesliga in the Freiburger Startelf – the LIGNAIT second longest series according to the indestructible teammates and German international Christian Günter (102). And stepped up in the Freiburg’s defense as almost always as a reliable size.

For the question about Lienhart’s strengthen, Foda does not have to think for a long time. “Defensive is extremely bugstark, organized, trying to take a leadership role. He is technically good and therefore can advance with the ball in the midfield, which I prefer in domestic defenders. His pace is good, so he often goes off, with it often If a good positioning game comes and it is dangerous at standards at the front, “says the German coach of the Austrian selection and sums up:” Of course, if he should continue to improve little things, for example in the position game, he has everything a central defender needs mature and a complete player became. “

Philipp had already had more missions.

Franco Foda

In view of this comprehensive praise and the fact that Lienhart achieved four goals in the Bundesliga, in addition to reliable defensive benefits, the question of why FODA has not set in Lienhart in his term staggered in November 2017? Overall, he merely brings him eight times, at the EM 2021 only in the first two group matches as a joker.

“On the position we have a good occupation with him, David Alaba, Martin Hinteregger, Stefan Posch, Aleksandar Dragovic and Kevin Danso,” refers to Foda on the great competition in the defense center. It has aggraded again because Superstar Alaba, who already played in the ÖFB team on many positions, is almost only used in the internal defense at Real Madrid on absolute top level and found its solid rhythm there.

“Philipp had already had more missions, but in part he had to return to Freiburg in the corona period for quarantine regulations,” explains Foda, “and in October 2021 he was missing because of a tooth surgery needed him in Denmark. ” The game in Denmark was 0: 1 lost – the fourth defeat in the total messed up and in this group missed World Cup qualification.

Lienhart can also be on the six

In the lots against Israel and Moldova not relevant to the qualification in November, Lienhart then played twice 90 minutes – a finger tie for the World Cup playoffs in March? About the back door Nations League, the Austrians still have a chance to participate in the global title struggles in Qatar. In the semifinals, you have to win in Wales, and to meet the winner of Scotland’s victor against Ukraine in a possible final.

“Philipp could also play through his good player opening and his runner qualities on the six,” reminiscent of FODA at the position on which Lienhart lasted at the U-21-EM 2019 for Austria. The 55-year-old also knows that since then, Lienhart has received no competition practice in midfield and the strongest in the defense center is most.

„Vor der EM war unser Ziel, Geschichte zu schreiben....

Philipp has moved closer to the first eleven.

Franco Foda

“If he has played, Philip brought his achievements with us. Overall, he has made a step forward, moving closer to the first eleven. He is in the middle of the competition and I ultimately have the agony of choice,” says Foda. Of course, his posing depends on the availability of the professionals and whether he sets on a three or four-circlette. Lienhart was and of course dissatisfied with his previous role in the national team, but remained patient and quiet. Now one may be curious if his status changes and he is allowed to remove his at least two games on the important game in Wales.

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