Cuphead series on Netflix: All information on start time, episodes and more

The popular video game Cuphead deceives with its individual cartoon look over the degree of difficulty. Together with his brother Mugman, the cup of Cuphead turns to the demanding endpers, who want the two to the collar in the game.

Netflix announced in 2019 to produce a series of swirling dishes. And the long wait has an end: Already this weekend starts The Cuphead Show! At the streaming service.

When does the Cuphead series start on Netflix in Germany?

The first season of the animation series starts this Friday online. By about 9: 00 o’clock in the morning you can adjust that the series is unlocked.

In addition to the series, the Cuphead DLC The Delicious Last Course on June 30, 2022 on 30 June 2022 appears on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch:

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course-DLC finally has a release date


How many episodes are there? The first season will include 12 episodes, but according to dual stools already 48 episodes have been confirmed by Netflix. Thus, we can look forward to three more seasons, the series should arrive well.

What kind of one is like? Netflix indicates that the cartoon series is peppered with a lot of comedy, but should also be suitable for children. But producers have already confirmed that the series should appeal to a broader audience and the jokes should not understand the children.

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A first trailer Netflix has already donated:

Not the first video game filming

In the series, not only Cuphead and Mugman appear, other minor characters such as Ms. Chalice and the shop owner pork diving in the series. Also one or the other endboss comes in The Cuphead Show! Previous and is likely to be known.

Are there already information about action? To the action itself is not much known. However, the Netflix Show is to be greatly oriented with the video game. We merely know that it will go around the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman. Thus, nothing else is left than to make it comfortable on the weekend and look at the series.

Cuphead is located on Netflix in good company. Already Castlevania, The Witcher and League of Legends have received their own series. It remains to be seen which rights the streaming portal will still secure.

Are you a look at the Cuphead series?

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