Novak Djokovic – Ryanair mocks to IMPF

The airline Ryanair has mocked me on the latest statements from Tennisstar Novak Djokovic. In an interview with the bbc he had stressed to decide in doubt against title and vaccination.

“We are not an airline, but we fly with airplanes,” Ryanair tweeted in response to an BBC-mail dedicated to the said Djokovic interview. There, among other things, this had made this easy contradictory statement: “I’m not against vaccinations – but I’m ready to do without trophies if a vaccine is required by me.” Ryanair’s Tweet has meanwhile collected more than 180,000 likes.

Novak Djokovic torn to shreds over anti-vax hypocrisy
Djokovic also explained in the conversation that he had never been “for vaccinations” and have already been involved as a child. However, he wants to make this decision from free movions and can imagine to reconsider his decision against a corona vaccine in the future, “because we all have to try together to find the best possible solution to finish Covid”.

Nevertheless, he realized that the French Open and Wimbledon could certainly take place without him when a vaccine would be required: “Yes, that’s the price I am willing to pay.” He hopes that the regulations will change again in the future and wool still “play many years”.

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In January, Djokovic under turbulent circumstances was prohibited from the entry to Australia and thus participation in the Australian Open, as only vaccinated persons were allowed to enter. A medical exception of the Serb was not granted. Already then Ryanair made fun of this fact and tweeted: “Lossless @djokernole home flight?” It was also a tennis court with a barely in the bustling ball. This area was labeled “not Australia”.

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