NFL, Super Bowl: Rams beat Bengals and celebrate Donald

It was not just an end, but also a start almost as painted for the Los Angeles Rams, who had to start at the punt in the domestic and loud Sofi Stadium first directly after kick-off. But after a weak fourth attempt of the Bengals of the centerline, when whose hope Joe Burrov had not seen his free teammate tea Higgins, the players started by Head Coach Sean McVay (36).

EXECUTED BECKHAM opens the Super Bowl

The Matthew “Matt” Stafford brought first before the season was first top-receiver Cooper’s cup for powerful spatial gain, marriage a fine 17-yard pass to the end zone to the actually well-covered Odell Beckham Jr. flew. The in the midst of the season powerfully dissatisfied from Cleveland’s star receivers and ex-giant began but class and enabled his colors so the 7: 0 lead. This was at the same time its seventh touchdown in the dress of the Rams – so many Beckham had total (!) In his time at the Browns between 2019 and 2021.

In the episode, Cincy was first properly, because Burrov found his former LSU colleague Ja’Marr Chase for 46 yards. But because this drive ultimately only one Field Goal to the 3: 7 of Rookie-Field Goal Evan McPherson from 29 yards was the result and the Rams managed in the domestic Sofi Stadium rejuvenated as a away team again with Stafford and Beckham, more and more the clear Domination of LA. Only right, as a dam of Stafford right rear completely freestanding the next score marked (eleven yards). There was nothing for the moment that after the extra point did not work. 13: 3 lay the Rams at the beginning of the second quarter.


However, the truth also belonged that the “Bengal Tiger” in the Chinese Year of Tiger after maybe a little nervous beginning and better pure a further good drive after the second conceded touchdown. This time even with perfect and extremely naughty end: After a toss back to Running Back Joe Mixon, many first thought of a running game, but instead, the runner broke off, turned off, so to speak, in a quarterback and threw perfectly to tea Higgins (six yards) – A trick game to 10:13.

Super Bowl 56: Rams vs Bengals Live Play by Play & Reaction

Knee twisted: Beckham has to go down

The famous momentum swung something on the side of the AFC-North-representative, especially since it was from point of view Los Angeles’ directly still a personal setback: Beckham represented himself with a not quite perfect Stafford pass, stopped the left knee immediately, had to be the left knee Treated long and finally brought with cruciate ligament suspension from the field and from to investigations. Curios: 2020, the 29-year-old had already torn the cruciate ligament – at that time in the jersey of the Browns and also in a game against the Bengals.

But that’s not enough: Cincinnatis Safety Jessie Bates recognized at a third-down that Stafford wanted to throw a wide bomb – and recorded the interception in his own end zone with a strong catch. This was at the same time the first mistake in this great final of the hitherto really strong RAMS quarterbacks. At the latest there was again correct tension in it in the 56th Super Bowl – and at the same time clear that Cincy went with powerful fresh self-confidence with the tight 10: 13 residue in the pause.

Snoop Dogg & Co. heat a

Part of this year’s half-time show: Rapper Snoop Dogg. AFP Via Getty Images

During the short interruption, the focus was first focused on the hotly awaited half-life show, which was completely defined by hip-hop, rap and R & B for the first time. Snoop Dog, Eminem, Dr. For the music, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Bligen. They all meet the expectations, delivered a big show in front of the eyes of stars like Heidi Klum, Usain Bolt, Lebron James, Jeff Bezos, Charlize Theron, Matt Damon, Kevin Hart or Jim Carrey. Including surprise appearance of 50 cents.

Cincy turns the game – Foul not seen

Much more important were a sporting point of view but the questions: How did the Rams found after the break and without Beckham? And could the Bengals be able to build on the strong phases in the second quarter and L.A. Make life hard?

The answer: The Bengals continued seamlessly where they had stopped before the break. And in properly tremendous: First Burrov wared a wide bomb right at the first turn in the run of Higgins, who posted the touchdown for a proud 75 yards and, with a clear as well as in real speed, did not easily escape Facemask offenses. But not only that! Directly after the first attack of the RAMs, another interception of Stafford should happen. It suddenly ran everything for Cincinnati. So a little later a run from Burrow to the new First Down at 4th & 1. So much worked in these minutes.

Meanwhile turned powerfully: the Bengals. Getty Images

Only a mighty “sack” of star defender Aaron Donald, who overwhelmed a counterplayer and Burrow at a third-down ice cold, brought Los Angeles’ troupe without Beckham again something good back – even if the Bengals at this drive nevertheless with a Field Goal From 38 yards to 20:13 raised. Field Goal McPherson (22) thus immediately turned an NFL play-off record of legend Adam Vinatieri – 14. Field Goal transforms. Nevertheless, the Californians came back at this phase – thanks to a Field Goals of Matt Gay at 16:20, following provoked punts of the leading cincinnati team included and a sack of Miller.

Donald stops Burrow and crowns and his team

The fourth quarter stood – and the tension was to grab. Of course, but was not much bid for a long time, the two Defenses sheer dominated at will. Punts on the running band were the result, from Miller again landed a “sack”. Meanwhile, Rams-QuarterBack Stafford found no longer pure, had significantly reduced after the loss of Beckham.

Four minutes before the clock end of the clock was therefore still a 16: 20 residue announced, but here the open run started again. Several First Downs were achieved with clever ratchets, including a wise running at 4th & 1 of clutch and strong passports on behalf. But because the beginning of the game at the 13: 3 that was an extra point of failed, the team now needed a touchdown. A Field Goal did not satisfy. So it came after a few penalties against Cincy for Los Angeles a yard (!) In front of the end zone to the showdown – and here it was smooth to a touchdown. Stafford glamed after the snap casually to the right to take out, which fingered relaxed and the 23:20 was throttling.

The celebrated man after a final stop and the Super Bowl victory: Rams figure sign Aaron Donald. Getty Images

Fate was henceforth in the hands of the Bengals who had to march on 75 yards at 1:25 minutes at the clock and two remaining spaces over 75 yards or move with plenty of Burrow passports. Here, the young playmaker became his nickname “Joe Brrr” or “Joe Cool” but no longer meets the fairy tale of the cigar lover and the fairy tale of the entire Bengals organization found here namely. No lower than Rams-Ass Donald stopped Burrow with a pressures at 4th & 1- and crowned his famoses appearing with all the decisive play at this dramatic end of a high-voltage NFL final.

Previously, it had become known that the three-time defensive player of the Year Donald could possibly end his career with only 30 years when he knows the Super Bowl. The winning moving train was therefore the last of his incomparable career.

Los Angeles became the successor to the Tampa Buch Buccaneers and won like the Bucs a year ago the Super Bowl in his own stadium. But not only that: Stafford’s change before the season to the Rams paid directly greatest, the 34-year-old crowned himself in year one not only with the first play-off victories of his career – but also with the trophy. His coach Sean Mcvay became the recent Super Bowl winner coach of history at 36 years (younger than Steelers coach Mike Tomlin 2009).

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