The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Insider shares the update of the release date

Where the hell is the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild 2? This week, a new Nintendo Direct occurred with Mario, Firework, SPLATOON, KIRBY, Advanced, MoreID, xenoblade, and more. What he did not show was the legend of Zelda which means that it did not appear the legend of Zelda: breath of the savage 2. The moment ended the Nintendo Switch live and the long-awaited sequel did not appear, the speculation that would be delayed until 2023. And this can happen, but according to a well-known nintendo and filtering, a delay has not yet yet It has been cemented.

On Twitter, Samus Hunter mocked that there are currently zelda-developing games, and he suggested that no matter what, the series fanatics will get something this year. In addition to this, the filtrator states that if the savage is to be delayed, it will be delayed at some point between April and May.

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Zelda the product will be launched this year as always, since there are other degrees in development, but at this time the plans remain a launch at the end of 2022, and if a delay occurred, it would be announced around April / May because that It is usually the period for the new projection for the fiscal year, “said Samus Hunter.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the update and, at this time, it is the only update we have about the game of an official or unofficial source. That said, take it with tweezers. Samus Hunter has transmitted reliable information in the past. More recently, filtered the announcement date of the recent Nintendo Direct and how long it lasted. However, as all the informants and filtering of the industry, they have also transmitted defective information in the past. This is, of course, not only that people sometimes receive bad information, but what things change.

As always, feel free to leave one or two comments to let ourselves know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter @Tyler_fischer_ to talk about everything related to games. You believe the legend of Zelda: breath of the wild 2 Will it be delayed up to 2023? Meanwhile, for more coverage especially everything related to Nintendo, click here.

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