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A few days ago, we reported that the rights for films and video games to “the Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” are sold. Quite simultaneously with this announcement, the team received behind a well-known mod for the game Total: Attila the news that she violates copyright. The MOD is totally: Rise of Mordor, which disciples the strategy game in a Lord of Rings Setting. The mod has been active for several years, but with rather suspicious timing, Lawyers of Warner Bros now set a “DMCA Takedown Request” on ModdB.

Rise of Mordor - Banned!!!

Total was: Rise of Mordor received DMCA-Takedown

The mod is no longer available on the ModDB page, but Rise of Mordor can still be downloaded and installed on NexusMods. As it looks, the developers behind the Mod fortunately only need to change their names, and can then continue to distribute them.

_ “As far as we know, this has to do with a copyright infringement, as Warner Brothers has rights to produce games that have both the films ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as well as with ‘Hobbit’. At the same time we know Not the exact reason that triggered their intervention as we are a modification for an existing game and a non-commercial project. “_

_ “We have sent e-mails to the intellectual property’s team of Warner Brothers and are currently waiting for any form of answer as well as a way to continue to upload our work here. Our developers still work hardly, and they will soon preview some see that will be pleased! “_

Overall, there are quite many mods with Lord of the Rings theme. So it’s a bit strange that only the developers behind Rise of Mordor have to change the name of their project. Possibly, the mod is a name with a hitherto unannounced Lord of the Rings title. For example, the third offshoot of the law popular Middle earth series could quite bear the subtitle “Rise of Mordor.

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