The hackn Slash only Leveling presents his first trailer

Hack 'N' Slash - Trailer

The hack’n slash Solo Leveling has presented its first trailer. Advance, specially focused on playability, presents us the different skills of Sung Jinwoo and several of the dangerous monsters to which he will have to face. We can also see the difference between the body to body combat and the clashes based on the use of magic.

Solo Leveling is the adaptation of the homonymous manhwa published in Spain by editorial norm. He tells the story of a guy with magical skills that he decides to become a hunter to pay the debts of his sick mother. Starting in low-ranked dungeons, Sung Jinwoo will be facing different monsters until a mysterious program chooses it as the only player of him, giving him the possibility of climbing very fast, expanding his strength to unsuspected limits.

This title is in charge of NetMarble Games , distributor that only a few days ago presented the adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins. According to the press release, only Leveling will be available on PC and mobile devices on a date yet to be announced.

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