Season 12 of Apex Legends has planned benefits for Crypto

Apex Pros Explain Why Crypto is INSANE Now | S12 Apex Legends
Eyendas del Apice Players have already heard of some of the changes that will occur in season 12 for characters like Causetic, but those who like Crypto also have something to wait for. Respawn Entertainment confirmed this week that it has plans to improve the legend used by drones in the next season with Crypto, obtaining the ability to use your drone in different ways instead of simply driving it manually. It is an idea that the community and the developers themselves have been circling for a while, and finally it will be implemented next week with the launch of season 12.

As Crypto’s players will already know, the drone currently works by simply pressing a button that sends it, and after a short delay, Crypto can start controlling it. The problem is that its effects are not available immediately because of that delay and while it takes Crypto to enter and leave the drone, so even when there is an immediate need, taking the flying camera fast enough is not. always possible

The changes of the season 12 will seek to rectify that by allowing Crypto players simply to press the skill button instead of sending the drone directly against Crypto. He will fly forward a certain distance and will continue scanning the enemies as he would normally, but without having to be directed by the same Crypto. An additional effect is that you can adhere to the surfaces to expose enemies within your eyes instead of floating outdoors in the middle of a fight. The current piloted version of the DRON will still be accessible as well, so Crypto can always take control if you need to reposition the drone or return the call.

Speaking of this type of change last year when developers discussed the chances of how Crypto could be changed to make it more viable in the goal. Other recognition legends include Seer, Valkyrie, Pathfinder and Bloodhound, and those options, Crypto is generally considered the least viable of the group.

It remains to be seen if that will change in season 12 or not, but Crypto users at least can benefit from those changes when they are patching. Next season begins on February 8, so hope to see some more. The cryptographic players then try the benefit.

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