Fortnite: A physical bug with tires allows us to wreak havoc

The 19.20 patch of Fortnite Battle Royale brought a lot of content to the game… and also new bugs . A new Fault After this update of fortnite allows us to launch Tires of off-road to certain objects on stage and make these flying. Just below we tell you everything we know about this glitch of seFortniteon 1 of fortnite chapter 3 :

Bug of Physics in Fortnite with off-road tires: everything we know

We do not know what this fun and catFortnitetrophic bug could have caused, but, after the arrival of Fortnite’s 19.20 patch lFortnitet Tuesday, several players (among which we find ourselves) we have detected that, when throwing off-road tires (That we find in gFortnite stations all over the map) A certain objects on stage, these come flying .

For what we have been able to check, this only works with “loose” objects of the scenario , such Fortnite streetlights, bins, wooden fences or gFortnite stations signs. We can not make objects flying like trees, or structures from the building bFortnitee. And also works with the largest object of the entire scenario: the statue of the foundation , on the eFortnitet part of the island.

Fortnite Bug: Moving the Foundation Statue with Tires

It is enough to throw off-road tires towards this huge stone statue so that it depends on what they decide to do the physics of the game, let’s go flying towards the stratosphere next to the statue, or it simply falls to lead against the ground around it, crushing Any unwrapping that may be close.

Expect that Epic Games resolve this curious bug with the next Fortnite patch, or even before . For the posterity there will be the video that we have inserted above in this news, in which we have documented some of the things we can do thanks to this funny error of the game.

Update 02/02/2022 21: 22 : Epic Games hFortnite applied a hotfix to the game; The statue of the Foundation can no longer move from your site.

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