Kross: “Many look jealous of England and the USA”

Already in July 2021, Kröse had warned in a guest contribution in front of the dramatic effects of the crowd revenue. “The clubs as business enterprises already have some serious financial problems and direct as well as indirect jobs are acutely endangered. Therefore, a full utilization of stages of existential importance for all clubs is very timely,” emphasized the 41-year-old.

Half a year has passed since then, and still the location on the grandstand is bleak. Although 10,000 fans are coming to the home game against VfL Wolfsburg next Saturday, it’s economical as well as emotional only a drop on the hot stone.

There is no evidence that a large number of people infected in Bundesligastadiene.

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Markus Krösche

“There is no evidence that a large number of people infected in Bundesligastadi. The argument will be unpacked with the crowd at the arrival. Okay, but then we would have to park the public transport every morning in professional traffic, with which we have the complete economics would be distinguished because many would no longer be to work, “says crosse and leads out:” There are two components in professional football: the emotional and economic. Emotional lacks the people in the stadium. Many look jealous of England and the USA – For the TV experience is another without humans in the stadium. Football is not only sports, it is a community experience. And from the economic perspective, it is so that viewer revenues are an important source of revenue. Everything is also valid for other sports and the Culture and event industry. As well as now it can not go on! “

There is a compensation

Meanwhile, the worry is growing whether the fans on the day X, after repealing capacity restrictions, will flow into the arenas as soon as they used to. “The longer the stadiums can not be completely filled, the harder will be. One year ago, I would have not considered any concerns, but now, after just under two years of pandemic and in the face of the current regulation with only a few spectators, I see each other before one Extreme challenge. Because there is a compensation to take place.

The time spent for a Bundesliga game or a away journey is now used differently, through hobbies or the family. In addition to some of the uncertainty to go to crowded in crowds, “explains Krösche. That’s why he gives himself no illusions:” It will give us a huge force to us as a league and for each individual club, the people to get people back into the stadium. “

_The worship also complicate crotch job. In the large number interview (Monday edition or on Sunday evening imemagazines) he explains his transfer strategy and emphasizes that Eintracht was “no training”. He also explains why he is explaining Jens-Petter Hage a development such as Jesper Lindström and why he assesses the competition in the Bundesliga in international comparison as attractive. _

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