Call of Duty Warzone: Complete notes in Spanish of January 26 patch

Despite the rumors about the development of Call of Duty: War zone 2, Raven Software Do not forget Call of Duty: War zone , since your plans seem to be long-term. So the publisher deploys, as planned, some updates before the launch of the Battle Royale season 2.

In fact, season 2 postponed due to the many problems present at Battle Royale and Call of Duty Vanguard. Therefore, it is not surprising that small updates appear to correct the situation before the launch of the new content, which will take place on February 14.

In the program of this update, the resolution of several issues, in particular that of blockages in the consoles , but also a problem related to the Loot of free computers that did not appear in the normal Battle Royale mode.

Note of the January 26 update patch of War zone Pacific



  • Collision issues were corrected with many boiler elements that allowed the players to undermine, look or shoot through them.
  • An instability issue was solved by pressing the Xbox start button twice during the game.
  • An instability issue was solved when writing characters that are not ASCII (for example, ©, ®, ™, ∅).
  • An additional issue was solved that caused the menu screen to blink.
  • A issue was solved that allowed players to reappear through the purchase with part of their original equipment.
  • A issue that caused additional images to appear in various previews of the store and / or purchases of packets.
  • A issue was solved that caused live matches will fail.
  • A issue was solved that caused the players to fall into a well without despair background when trying to take a dip in the pool.
  • A issue was solved by which the second free public event delivery event occurred in the main modes of Battle Royale.

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