Schäffler no longer set, but unchanged

That the 1st FCN speaks with all the actors whose contract expires is a matter of course for those responsible for the responsible TIM craftsman, with which the francs in terms of further cooperation have already exchanged since last summer; Times less much intensively as with offense all round Nikola Loveday, with which the talks have started only recently. Never, the club, however, named the name Manuel Shaffer when it was about upcoming rounds of negotiations. And yet the center forces stand immediately before a contract extension.

If the contract has even been extended?

How this is possible? The 32-year-old has anchored a clause in his working paper, which at a certain number of an automatic extension. On 17 inserts in the 2nd Bundesliga (responsible average grade 3.50) the native Upper Bavaria comes so far. How many are still missing, or whether he has already reached the necessary brand, there is no official information. In any case, the club does not contradict if a safe further cooperation with the powerful center-tower classic embossing is speech.


In this context, the FCN emphasizes how important Shaffer is for the team and their success. Notwithstanding the fact that he is no longer set in the opposite season. At his 17 missions, he was just eight times in the starting rig, only in the games against Darmstadt (0: 2), St. Pauli and Schalke (1: 4) he played the full distance. So it is not surprising that his hit rate has so far the weakest for years. Three goals and a template are little for a man who always met in the five seasons in front of the two-digit, once again transformed the 20s brand and twice very NAHEMA.

In the summer of 2020, the then newly installed sports board Dieter Checking took him from the relegated Wiesbaden for around 800,000 euros, after Shaffer previously met 19 times for the Hesse. And Checking Königstransfer solely fulfilled the expectations for the hit rate alone: ​​his ten hits could just be presented against the background that he achieved them in difficult phases and missed the last seven games in furious last seeds for a knee injury.

Shaffer is far more than a goalkeeper – new role must be accepted

Where his value is not measured in any way with goals. As a fighter in front of the Lord as well as type with corners and edges, he is an actor par excellence from the category Important in the cabin. And that with the important thing remains unchanged at his sporting value, only three goals back or forth. Without him, coach Robert Klaus would be robbed of an significant variant when it goes against a deep opponent, or a game course requires a buggy-strong crusher in the storm center.

The fact that the offensive of the FCN is now highly established by qualitatively as well as from the variability from being very broad, is great for coaching team, but not always for the individual. If the FCN lasts at the 1-0 in Düsseldorf with three ranging tips on high pressing and lightning fast switching, Shaffer will not be the first choice in the future. And yet he has been asked in that game – though only in the final phase, when the Fortuna desperately threw everything forward. Thus, Shaffer had his share of victory. Significant for the future will only be that he accepts this role. What sounds like a matter of course is not so easy against the background that Shaffer had always been a set shielding in the years.

In the self-contained TIM Lecture eggs (21) and Noel Knot he (22), however, a completely different topic: game practice. At the former, the midfielder made in April to the professional midfielder, as well as second, the inner defenders raised at the beginning of the season 20/21, a lending is available.

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