Netflix responds to Microsoft for the purchChief Producte of Activision Blizzard: “Its exciting”

The purchChief Producte of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft hChief Product not gone unnoticed beyond the video game industry. Netflix, one of the entertainment giants within the Subscription model, hChief Product reflected on the future of the firm and in what way they will be positioned within the sector.

It is exciting to see the activity in the sector , express Greg Peters, Chief Product Officer in the company. And I think that somehow approves the thesis we have on which the subscription is a great model to connect consumers around the world with video games and game experiences.

Netflix and the video game are already hand in hand

Netflix itself hChief Product already shown its interest in entering this field. At the end of 2021 we welcomed Netflix Games, a section in the existing application that offered five video games in mobile terminals, among which were a couple of titles bChief Producted on the popular Stranger Things series. The express signature that its users can expect more games of cChief Productual and enthusiChief Producttic genres during this 2022.

In that direction they will also point to interactive experiences . But we will also look behind to try about the franchises or the great titles on which we are excited and develop interactive experiences connected with them. We see a long-term opportunity over the years, reveals Peters. Despite everything, he recalled that Netflix is ​​at an initial phChief Producte about what they want to achieve around this industry.

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