At “Uma daughter”, iPhone 8 is “Deprecated Terminal”. In the latest game, iphone 8

Games announced January 25 that there is a plan to update the recommended terminal list of Ham daughter Pretty Derby (hereinafter, UMA daughter). In the list, the recommended terminal and the deprecated terminal are divided. It seems that this list will be updated at the timing of February 24.

As a recommended terminal, iOS is an iPhone 13 or the like, and the latest models such as Google Pixel 6 GRH and Galaxy S21 5g sc-51b are arranged in Android. It is a non-recommended terminal to be attracting attention. The deprecated terminal contains the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 is a terminal launched in 2017. Supports wireless charging and high-speed charging while taking over the charm of iPhone 7. In addition to the small size iPhone 8, there is also an iPhone 8 Plus with a large size. By this list update, UMA daughter has been deprecated for each iPhone 8 Plus. The game is not immediately available at the non-recommended terminal. However, it is unlikely to be supported, and it may not operate properly by the update.

Actually, iPhone 8 is often in the borderline in the latest game. As a Games title, Princess Connect! Re: Dive World Flipper Shadowier supports iPhone 8. Moreover, iPhone 7 is still supported. However, keep in mind that these are the main 2D representation.

Although UMA daughter is a lightweight, it uses a 3D representation to a pretty rich. Request specifications will also go higher than other works. iPhone 8 is typically removed from the latest game support using 3D representations, and the Lineage W released last year is deprecated for iPhone 8. iPhone 8 Plus is a minimum specification. The Gran Saga released last year is not supported for both iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus. Speaking of popular 3D games, Kawasaki is also compatible with iPhone 8 as of September 2020. iPhone 8 Plus is a compatible model, but the lowest borderline. If you move with a build in January 2022, it will be presumed that the operation is painful.

In other words, if it is a 2D game, it is still active, but if you want to play a new 3D smartphone game, iPhone 8 is a pretty hard situation. The non-recommended terminal in UMA daughter suggests the current status of iPhone 8. Some people will be comprehensive people who were powerful and powerful as they were. As a small and powerful iPhone, there is an optional iPhone SE (second generation) and an iPhone 13 mini with the latest specifications, and the like exists as an option. While consulting with your wallet, you may be able to consider transfer.

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