NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers holen Leonard Fournette vor Playoff

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can build against the Los Angeles Rams of all likelihood again on Leonard Courgette. Running Back returned on Saturday from the Injured Reserve List in the active squad.

He looks good, Head Coach Bruce Arians had already explained on Friday. He had no setbacks since last week, now we just wait.

Courgette had pulled a thigh injury in week 15, which had damped him since then. The 27-year-old had returned to training last week, but was not used again against Philadelphia Eagles.

To create room for Four net in the squad, the Tom Brady Le’vein Bell team released. The Running Back was used in Four net’s absence in three games for the Bus, but Bell had already received no touches against the Eagles.

With several strong games Four net in the past Postseason had a large share of the Super Bowl victory of the Buccaneers and earned the nickname Playoff Lenny at that time. In the playoffs, Courgette posted 448 Scrimmage Yards and four touchdowns, after the Running Back in the Regular Season still had to be satisfied with a smaller role.

In the current playing time, Courgette steered in 14 playing 812 Rushing Yards and Eight Touchdowns, and Four nets posted 69 catches for 454 yards and two more touchdowns. The Bus meet on Sunday evening in the Divisional Round of Playoffs on the Rams.

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