Destiny 2: Start date of the new RAID and New PowerLevel known

In the weekly blog article at Destiny 2, Bungee has betrayed all guards when the new RAID goes to the start, which will be available with the annual extension of the Hexenkönigin.

The new RAID whose exact name has not yet been revealed will be eligible from 05 March 2022 to be eligible at 19:00 in German. This is about one and a half weeks after the release of the Hexenkönigin on February 22, 2022.

In the first March week, operations will return a race for the title World’s First and try to complete the RAID first.

Bungee will be betrayed shortly before the start of the Raids further details on rewards and the competitive mode. Lastly at the RAID glass chamber, the Power level of the keepers or the opponents should be changed in the first 24 hours.

New Powerless for guardians

In addition to the RAID, the new maximum power level of the keepers was proclaimed. There are the following stages:

  • FLOOR-CAP (Powerless 1350): The lowest possible power for an equipment; Starting point for new characters.

Soft Cap (Powerless 1500): The point where the general drops are no longer automatic upgrades; Mighty equipment are now the best way to get more Power level.
Power Cap (Powerless 1550): The point where powerful equipment no longer display upgrades; Top equipment are now the only way to obtain more Powerless.
Hard Cap (Powerless 1560): Maximum possible power from tip equipment that can be reached without Powerless from the artifact.

The Powerless can only be increased from 1560 via the raining of the artifact.

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