“Touhou Project” Reimu “voice” flows through Lawson and fans are crazy. “Women who calls Hakurei in a convenience store”

In SNS, the main character Hasura Ram of the Thou Project series is a temporary topic. About the voice that collected discussions. As a trigger, there seems to have a certain campaign in the convenience store.

Hasura Ram is a character who serves as a master in the Barrage Shooting Thou Project series. It appears in most series works as its own machine operated by the player. In addition to protecting the binding in Sensory, which will be the stage, he has been a mission to protect humans, and has solved various unusual. A personality that does not have a back table, and the enemy Yorkie is understood and off. While she is a pretty and nice girl, she also has a side of a spectacular sustained shrine. And there is no example where the character voice is applied in the original from the first visit to the present.

She is Ram who plays the face of Thou Project, but has recently been able to battle with a certain event. The reason is the event at Convenience New Chain Lawson. Twitter From multiple users, a testimony of the voice of a woman who gives Hasura Ram is flowing in the store. A number of posts raised to the eastern character that appeared suddenly in a public place called convenience store. Many users seem to have a Lawson campaign started from January 18th.

Lawson is in progress collaboration campaign with the app game Too Denmark from January 18th. Sales of the same work related products and sticker distribution are performed. Too Denmark GRA is an app for smartphones delivered from Dena. It is a secondary creation game of official and is composed of a rhythm game and a box garden creation part. It is a festival that appears many Thou Project characters. And, as an important point, voice actor voice is applied to most characters.

In Lawson, there is an in-house broadcast that announces this Too Danmakkakograph collaboration event from January 17th. The contents of the campaign are communicated while Ram will introduce yourself and PR of Too Denmark GRA. The voice at this time is in charge of the voice actor’s hot spring as the Too Denmark main part.

The voice of Ram flowing in Lawson was naturally received for the player who used to play Thou Denmark before. On the other hand, even if Too Project knows, Too Danmakkakura is not playing a puzzle voice. From the opinion that the image of the voice color is different, it seems that some users have been received as a strange voice, such as characteristic such as the characteristic nature such as not so much love. In some cases, Lawson’s Ram’s voice was impacted for the number of users who are Hasura Ram, and Lawson’s Ram Voice was shocking. Why are there many users who are surprised at Ram’s Voice so far?

In the first place, Too Project has never hit the character voice in the official appearance in a history of old works in more than 25 years. This is known that the creator’s Run is intentionally taking a policy that does not hit the voice. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for voice to be invoked with Ram, including secondary creation. In this case, a person who performs voice actor business acts as a coterie activity is often in charge of voice, and the side of the as an interpretation of secondary creator was large.

Special cases include a coterie animation dreaming summer town series since 2006. The same work is a full animation work produced by a coterie circle. It should be noted that the voice actor is appointing a professional cast. A prominent voice actor who works as a main business, such as Mr. Miyuki, Mahavira Sahara, Mr. Diehard, who is a role, and Mr. Mizuki, Kinshasa, and Mr. Kiyosaki, who is a role, Mr. Kiyosaki.

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The height of the quality is a certain evaluation, while in part, by appointing a professional, there is a possibility that it may be misidentified as the official work instead of the same worker, also says the voice of concern. It became a thing. In fact, it is mentioned that Run’s personal blog has also been referred to as a similar point, and it is called to communicate to all people who have been informal (fan works). In other words, at least the zero-year Too Project second creation, it was only an irregular thing to appoint a professional voice actor.

However, wind direction has changed in recent years. As a big event, Certified secondary creation game of Thou Project will appear. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia held Sony Computer Entertainment 2014 in 2014. Among them, we announced the launch of the ZunxPlayStation Project.

The project is a project that allows you to launch the Thou Project secondary creation game on the PlayStation platform. Until then, due to Run’s intention, the Thou Project secondary creation work by individuals has been banned from commercial platforms. However, due to Mr. Run agree with the project, Thou Project secondary creative work is released at the console.

The ZunxPlayStation Project then changes the name to Play Domain! And expands the handling genre to the whole game. On the other hand, the release of the Thou Project secondary creative work, which was the original subject, is also continued. A coterie circle developed a game, and works were released one after another by a work that supports sales in the console. The title that has won a high evaluation from the same man work, such as Wonder’s Gensi-TOWER OF DESIRE- and The Rounding of the Fantastic, will make a debut to the console.

The Thou Project secondary creation game has also entered the genre as an indie game from Domain Works. That’s why it changed, the appearance of a publisher that supports the secondary creative game. In addition to the media escapes, many companies appeared in Too Project secondary creation game publishing. From the domestic publisher Phoenix, Genoa Sky Drift has been released, and Thou Luna Nights, Thou Luna Nights, etc. Thou Luna Nights and Sensory Omits Festival are released from our Active Gaming Media Indie Gaming Media.

Furthermore, in the past few years, the Thou Project secondary creation game that companies perform from planning and development will also appear. In 2019, as an official second-order creation game, the first app game Too Canon Ball is released. The same work was developed and operated by QUARRY A, an aired subsidiary. Also, in 2020, Too Loanword is released from Too Lost word and Tito from Tito. And 2021, Too Denmark tachograph has been distributed from Dena. The environment surrounding Thou Project secondary creation game in recent years and the Thou Project secondary creation game has changed significantly in the past few years.

Among the transitions from the coterie work to the corporate work, there are significant elements. It is the presence or absence of the character voice. An increase in opportunities to appoint a professional voice actor by funding companies with funding. Actively as a promotional strategy, it was generalized that voice actor voices can be hit by the Too character. Of course there are exceptions, such as works with voice, works with voices, enterprise publishing, and works without voices. However, in the background that the character voice of Thou Project is generally recognized in recent years, the company will be able to invent the Thou Project secondary creation game.

Thou Project The secondary creation game has been created as a project that has a corporate fund from personalized works in recent years. This is also uncommon for a professional voice actor to promote the product. At the same time, since it was distributed with the console work such as PS / Xbox / Nintendo Switch, the Thou Project work has also increased not only to the coterie area but also a relatively public environment. It can be said that there was a situation that in convenience store and Reimu appearing because these soils have occurred.

On the other hand, if it is the oldest Too Project fan, it is seen that there are many people in mind that Too Project as a cousin work as a cousin work in the zero age is less than recent circumstances. Therefore, it would have been received with surprises that the eastern character appeared in the public place called Lawson and the voice is attached there.

Thou Project character including Hasura Ram is the existence that the impression changes depending on the viewer. Therefore, as a fan, the opinion that avoids the fixed image of this is the voice of Ram is ridiculous. In the Good Smile Company’s Too Lost word, three types of voices have been prepared for one character so as not to fix the image of the character. With regard to Ram, which has been manifested in Lawson, it seems to be aware of the recognition that it is Ram Denmark GRA, the Thou Danmakkakura among fans. In the second creation of Thou Project, which continues to expand still, Ram with seven-colored voices will continue to be drawn.

By the way, there is an existence that attracted attention as with Ram. It is a concept called slowly. The origin of the net bulletin board, the unique look, Ram and Marisa AA. It is widely used as a narration role of various commentary videos by being illustrated and combined with synthetic speech Softball. Even if you do not know Thou Project, there are many people who have had a slow comment. Therefore, when I heard the voice of Ram, who plays in Ya sushi in this Lawson, it seems that there is also a person who felt that Isn’t it a composite speech though it is Ram. It can be said that it feels like the size of the base of Thou Project, and thus Thou Project.

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