The Cuphead Show! Receives a brand new trailer before publishing in February

Netflix has an impressive track record in supporting canvas adaptations of some of the largest video games that there are. For example, take Castlemaine or the monster successful Arcane. As early as 2019, the service announced that Cup head, the Successful Side Scrolling Run-and-Gun game of Studio MDR, would also get its own animated show. Today, the official trailer was finally published, along with the confirmation of a release date on 18 February.

According to the description of the trailer The Cup head Show! Follow the unique misfortune of lovable, impulsive rogues Cup head and its cautious, but easily influencing brother Mug man. The couple’s adventures seem to lead them through the ink fa├žade islands, with three-headed dragons, horrible files and an encounter with the devil at most.

While the Game Cup head is known for his almost soul-like difficulty, it is not difficult to understand why Netflix was in love with the view to give the unfortunate siblings their own show. Stylistically, Cup head is a modern version of the classic animation of the 30s, which goes back to the rubber hose style, which helped to engage the Golden Age of the American Animation. As such, it’s a game that was made on the paper in the sky.

With a colorful selection of characters before a chic, jazzy background, we can barely expect to experience Cup heads Survive Personalities to experience your TV debut. You can see the trailer below.

With the creators of the game, Chad and Jared Adenauer, who have taken over the items of the executing producers in the show, the fans can rely on the fact that the adaptation is in safe hands. From what the trailer has shown us so far, The Cup head Show! Could be very good another big animated hit for Netflix.

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