Cuphead teaches the first trailer of its animated series and fixes a premiere window in Netflix

Since its first advertisements, Cup head has captured the interest of the entire community of players. That mixture of unbridled action and artistic section of the 30 decade has achieved great success among the public. As expected in such production, Studio MDR has been associated with Netflix to create an animated series, which since then has left us varied data and a video teaser.

The series will be released at Netflix at some quarter of February with the name of ‘ The Cup head Show ‘, the first trailer presents us with the charming adventures of Cup head, Mug man and MS Chalice In a world full of color and movement. Imitating the original artistic style of the game, the series presents a classic animation where the exaggerated movements, the funny faces and the most crazy proposals are not missing.


There is still no concrete release date, but we already know that this series can be seen in Netflix at some point next month of February . In addition, the platform prepares us for this moment with a countdown accompanied by a mini-game in which we have to help the protagonists recover the souls of different creatures, something that you can access from the browser.

As regards the game, the classes still have the strength to give a lot of war in the expansion The Delicious Last Course, which incorporates MS Chalice as a new playable character. This addition has dated its premiere for the June 30 this year, so we still have the opportunity to continue enjoying the characteristic gameplay of the title.

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