It is rumored that the great exclusive Xbox series x for 2022 will be delayed

It is rumored that a remarkable exclusive Xbox Series X game that will be launched at the end of this year will be delayed. Specifically, that title in question turns out to be Aida Red, which is a new cooperative title of Bethesda and Arcane Studios. While Aida Red was first presented last year on E3 2021 with a launch window scheduled for this summer, news about the title have been completely silent since then. Now, it seems that the reason for that silence could be due to an imminent delay.

In a new episode of the definition of Duke Podcast, the Mrmattyplays coanphysters and Lord Cognate revealed that several of the next exclusive Xbox this year could end up changing. This conversation took place in the light of stalker 2: the heart of Chernobyl, which is an exclusive Xbox Series X console, was delayed until the last month of 2022. Although they recognized that what they heard comes from a source of which Normally they do not get information, both hosts revealed that they heard that I could be an Xbox title that ends up delaying this year. « Red red was the name that was raised, said Matt about the game that told him he could have a new launch window. I think this is one you see from summer to vacation. And according to what we hear, that would make a lot of sense.


It is worth emphatically emphasizing that a delay for Canada is not scheduled to exactly happen, so take all this information carefully at the moment. In fact, Mrmattyplays and Lord Cognate emphasized that this whole situation is not confirmed at this time. Even so, taking into account the fact that it has not been outstandingly shown since it was revealed last time last summer, a delay would seem to make sense on the part of Bethesda and Xbox to give each company more time to promote the game.

Do you think that this delay for Aida, is intended to happen, or expects the title to reach Xbox X and PC at the end of this summer? Let me know your reaction to this rumor in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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