Line Games, Multi-Platform Nuclear & Slash Action RPG Unsembrane

[Data provided: Line Games]

‘Class restricted’ highlighting… PC, mobile multi-platform and cross-play support

10 Active stories and challenges, collaboration, competitive factors available

Conduct service start commemorative Goal Achievement Fest and ‘Launched Memorial Attendance Event’


Server instability issues due to high traffic… I will do my best to provide seamless service

Line Games said today (14 days) today (14 days) today that the Multi-Platform Nuclear & Slash Action RPG <Membrane, which is developed by Liz Games, has launched a formal service.

was a rune of Rune Hunter to prevent the resurrection of ‘heat third existence’ ‘servos’. It is characterized by being emphasized by ‘class restrictions’ with equipment and rune combinations. If you are 18 years of age or older, anyone can play with the line Games Floor and Mobile (AOS / iOS) as a multi-platform.

In addition, since last November 25th, we have gathered great interest and expectations from game users, with achieving 3 million pre-reservations in advance reservations in advance for formal services.

Through this launch, users can experience story modes consisting of 10 activities. In addition, various contents such as’ Glory’s temple ‘and cooperative content raid, which can enjoy conjunction with the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation between the challenging content such as’ Chaos Dungeon’,
A variety of events commemorating formal services are also proceeding. First, achieving four missions that are renewed daily for 14 days from the first time of the game through the ‘Goal Achieved Pedestal’ to achieve the item necessary for character growth, such as potion, essence. In addition, various items are also provided through ‘Launch Memorial Event’ and ‘Monthly Attendance Event’.

The Line Games official said, Immediately after launching, we have been discharged to play with highly overseas user influx and traffic overload issues, he said, I am stabilized, I will do my best to provide it.

will continue to expand global services in the first half of this year. Game information and event guidance for the game can be confirmed through line games floor . Line Games is an SNS channel, such as Facebook, Discord, and Official YouTube Channel .

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