Razer presents Project Sophia, the Gamer Table of your dreams Tactile panels, LEDs and much more

We just started the year 2022 and the future is already with us. Racer Just present something that seems crazy, but it is real. It is about Project Sophia. Basically, it is a concept of Gaming desktop, with which we will not need anything else to perform the functions of any PC without numerous peripherals and pots of all kinds.

Project Sophia | The World's First Modular Gaming Desk Concept

Basically, this table has a modular design that allows users to quickly configure all their workspace quickly. And make the reading of mails even easier, writing in word documents or even retransmit on twitch. PROJECT SOPHIA supports 13 different modules to adjust our needs.

This allows the user to perform tasks having, on the same site, secondary screens, system monitoring tools, tactile screen key panels, pencil tablets and audio mixing units or even external capture cards, so the user’s configuration can be reconfigured in a matter of seconds for each desired specific situation.

From Razer, they call this Project Sophia as a future vision of workspaces and gaming. The interchangeable modular system allows users to quickly reconfigure their desktop with almost infinite flexibility, adapting Project Sophia not only to the task in question, but also to the particular preferences of the user. This is the future of play and work zones, says Richard Ha shim, VP of Development in Racer.

From the company, in its futuristic vision, they say that within the device / table there is a personalized PCB equipped with cutting-edge components, including the latest Intel processor and the latest NVIDIA graph to support the most intensive tasks in use of means. To maximize the desk space, All this is housed in a slim chassis that fits magnetically under the glass table and that can be disassembled with the same ease to install new updates, which allows the user to quickly create the System required for each task in question.

As you can see, at aesthetic level it also seems to be of a DeLorean, and the spacious workplace or game has LED lighting that can be synchronized with Racer Chroma, as well as LED screens that have autoiluminated pixels to guarantee sharpness and comfort In 65.

Project Sophia is designed to play, create, retransmit and work, combining many traditional configurations on a single desk. At the moment, yes, we have no price or release date.

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