Apex Legends Mobile: Release Date, CrossSplay, Beta

The Battle Royale-celebrated Battle Royale, which acts as a spiritual successor of the heavily underestimated titanium 2, will find its way to mobile phones. In a time in which almost every big game has a kind of mobile port, this is a wise clay train. We have seen how Fortnite landed on smartphones, along with PUBG, Call of Duty and even Genshin Impact (to name only a few). Now that Apex Legends will be mobile, you must know the following, z. B. Publication Date, Crossly, Beta Access and more.

When will Apex Legends Mobile appear?

There are no accurate release date for Apex Legends Mobile. However, there were loose reports and leaks that either point out the third quarter 2022 (July-September) or end of May. Take them with caution because EA or Respawn Entertainment has not been directly confirmed.

Will there be a beta for Apex Legends Mobile?

The game is currently undergoing closed beta tests. Unfortunately, it seems to be limited to the following countries:


It is planned to roll out the beta in the course of the tests in other regions. You have to check this and stay up to date with the page of the game in the Google Play Store.

Will Apex Legends Mobile Crossly?

Unfortunately, Apex Legends Mobile is a private game. That’s why There will be no crossly functionality with players on all other available platforms. It is still the same free-to-play game that we enjoyed on console or PC, but as there will be some obvious restrictions, it will not be able to keep up with the current builds on the other platforms.

Will it appear on iOS or Android?

Soft Launch Coming Next For Apex Legends Mobile?! (BETA)
Since the game is currently in the Closed Beta, it is limited to Android. For this reason, availability is only for the Play Store. You need Android 6.0 or higher to run the game at all. So think about it.

The game will sometime have iOS support the days near his actual publication.

Apex legends is now available for Xbox One and Series S / X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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